Every Day Mom Link-up 4-16-15

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It’s Thursday which means it’s almost time for Friday and it’s also time for the Every Day mom Link up! We had some awesome posts last week and I will be sharing and re sharing each and every one of them! Some of my favorites are listed below!

  1. Sentiments of a working mom really makes us think in her post regarding vanity and teaching our kids about beauty,vanity and confidence. http://sentimentsofaworkingmom.com/vanity-versus-confidence/
  2. This next post had me laughing hysterically as I like you all have been there! Danielle Thank you for sharing this post of a really bad day! Sorry to laugh at your expense. https://wayoffscript.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/fmlthursday-its-a-thing-now/
  3. I really liked mom meets blog post titled walking tall! Read it, you will like it! http://mommeetsblog.com/2015/04/04/walking-tall/

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TTOT- Easter Edition

Easter is a time for new life and beginnings and I couldn’t help but feel it in the air this particular holiday. We spent the day having egg hunts and with family. We laughed, we ate good food and relaxed the day away. IMG_0909

I am thankful to have family close by to spend the holidays with.

I am thankful for a quiet holiday with minimal fights.

I am thankful to have all three kids cooperate for just one picture together.

I am thankful for egg hunts. Yes I am like a child and still enjoy a good egg hunt.

I am thankful for warm weather and sunshine.

I am thankful for good books to read that allow you to get lost in their journey.

I am thankful that my English class is almost over. I am taking a break for the summer.

I am thankful to be home every night before 5pm this previous week. The new job is a little slower paced but in a good way, I just have to get used to it.

I am thankful for good friends. We were able to hang out with some awesome friends last night and had a great time.

I am thankful for this blog.


A New Beginning

Well, I have officially completed my first week at the new job. I think I am going to like it there. As someone who is used to being always on the go, I found the first two days frustrating. I literally sat around all day. This position is a new one and there isn’t really anyone in my department that will be doing exactly what I am so there is no true orientation.  Me and sitting around do not mix.

Towards the end I was able to find some things to do and actually have some meetings set up for next week. A sort of get to know the managers etc. I am looking forward to these as I can tell them hey, I get it! I was there just a few months ago and how can I help you. The idea of being able to initiate projects but not have the responsibility for the implementation is very appealing.

This week I also took data and placed it into a graph all on my own! Who would have thought I could do that!! Definitely not me as math makes me crazy but it’s part of the job and I found it quite fun!

The people are amazingly nice and I couldn’t ask for better coworkers. The atmosphere is pretty laid back which is not something I am used to but can easily learn to get used to.  My favorite is the boss lady telling me you make your own hours. So if I need to be late for a school function or doctor’s appointment it is not a big deal! Say what???? yep so this is me liking my new job to this point. Time will tell if that opinion stays.


This banner was waiting for me at my desk on the first day! Yep they love me!

Fire through Courage


Bullying has been quite the topic of discussion here lately. In fact I was planning to write a post on Bullying for 1000 speak and life got in the way and said no you don’t! This is a subject that I feel passionate about and felt guilty for not writing that post so I decided to choose it as my research project for my English paper. It is interesting the things you find out or well really decide to start thinking about when you do a little research.

In my research I have learned about a phenomenon called bystander bullying. Essentially it is a bystander who witnesses the event and does nothing. The child does not say anything nor does he or she do anything to stop the occurrence. Is it because the bystander is afraid or is there some other reason? I think it is due to the lack of awareness we as s society has for bullying in addition to the lack of tools provided for children on how to stop the behavior.

My point is this simple. Talk to your kids. Tell them about bullying and why it is wrong. Explain that bullying is repeated acts of aggression towards another human being and it is never okay to let someone be harmed physically or mentally and do nothing. Teach them to tell a parent, a teacher or some other adult if they are afraid to say anything during the act. Tell them to get help.

We need to teach our kids to have compassion for the victim and help them in any way possible by befriending them and choosing to help. It is easy to watch someone get bullied and say nothing but true bravery is shown when action to stop and say no this is not okay!

I will be honest in saying that I have not had these conversations with my children but that will change today. I have talked to my kids about not letting anyone hurt them or say mean things to them. They are taught to stand up for themselves, but have I taught them to stand up for others? not really. It is something that we do not always think about but that is why I love the concept of 1000 speak. The awareness that everyone brings to the table just simply makes you think about things that you may have not considered before. Today I will stand tall and teach my children courage, bravery and a love for human life that surpasses their own! Today we will be brave.

Courage is fire and bullying is smoke – Benjamin Disraeli

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Every Day Mom Link -up 4/8/2015

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What a great time we had at last week at the link up! Here are a few of my favorites even though they were all my favorites!

1. Have you ever been locked in the bathroom? this post will surely make you laugh as one mom describes her encounter of being locked in her own bathroom. http://www.inlinkz.com/displayurl.php?id=22401148

2. Cassie gave us a look at mom bullies and I really enjoyed her post! http://www.inlinkz.com/displayurl.php?id=22406442

3. I think everyone can relate to the plagued parent’s letter to her daughter. For reasons hard to explain grandparents may not be part of our children’s life and I love her idea of writing the letter to her child. http://www.theplaguedparent.com/dont-ever-let-anyone-dull-shine-baby

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TTOT-Spending Time with The Family and New Job Edition

I meant to write a TTOT post last week and well the week got away from me so this one will have to be two in one ;)

Spring Break for the 7yo was this week so we were able to enjoy some Quality time together. We enjoyed shopping lunch and a movie so it was a true girls day! We often try to spend some one on one time with our kids since there is three of them it is difficult to do on a daily basis.  7yo and I were able to connect and that is always a true blessing (Thankful #1)

After spending some one on one time with 7yo I decided we would have a fun day withal three kids the day before my new job started. The hubby had to work so it was just me and three kids age 2 to 7! yep that’s right I braved taking them to the zoo all by myself! We had a blast and all three kids were extremely well-behaved! An outing alone can go one of two ways and thankfully it was the well-behaved track! (Thankful #2)wpid-fb_img_1427832857661.jpg

Wednesday I started my new job! Can we hear the angels sing!!! It was just two days of orientation so the real work begins on Monday but I can already tell I am going to love it at this new place! Oh and earning a pay check will be nice to (Thankful #3)

We let the 5yo get her ears pierced this week and she stood still the whole time and has done great! I was never one to pierce my girls ears as babies so I wasn’t sure how this would go when she decided that she wanted to get them pierced. She did awesome and now has the cutest little Elsa earring gracing her lobes. ( Thankful #4)

Spring Break this week counts for me too so I get a whole week off from paper writing for my English class! It has been nice as this class is online but more demanding that if we were going to class three times a week! This teacher is serious business lol. It has been nice to relax a little. ( Thankful # 5)

I had noticed 5yo itching her head a little and was afraid that we had head lice. We had it once but when I checked her head and her sisters to be sure it was all clear! Just dry scalp which all three of my kids suffer from so yesterday I bought some head and shoulders and we will see if that helps! Thankful it’s only dandruff.. ( Thankful #6)

My hair dresser had been away for a bit so now that she is back I was able to get my hair colored and cut! I had been growing my hair out for a while but decided to cut it a little shorter. It’s not too bad, shoulder length but now I remember why I started growing it in the first place! My hair tends to flip out in a patty duke kind of way when it is shoulder length and there is no controlling it! Thankful that hair grows (Thankful #7)

I had been having some severe neck pain and was trying to avoid a doctor bill and used yoga to help. While it did help it did not alleviate the pain and once I got to a point that I could no longer turn my neck off to the chiropractor I went. He was very understanding of my situation and only charged me 40 dollars! ( thankful# 8)

My orientation fell on Good Friday so I get a nice long weekend before I am back to 9-5 five days a week! (Thankful #9)

post-milestone-200-2xI published my 200th post on the blog here which is awesome! I have found some true friendships and never dreamed that this little blog would still be here over a year later! I am thankful for the support of all of you and so many others! (Thankul #10)