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I hope all you had a great week! It’s time for our Every Day mom link up again!  My week has been filled with school work. Two more assignments and my class is done! Then a week break ;)..oh and a family emergency..

My mom is in the hospital right now, so if you can pray for her that would be great. I spend all day friday with her and a couple of hours yesterday. She has had a stroke and they are doing further tests to assess the damage. Needless to say, i’m exhausted so this is going to be a short one!

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Every Day Mom Link 9-27-15

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It’s time to share your favorite posts again! We had some fun posts last week and they all brightened my day in one way or another. This week has been an emotional one in this house as we gained some insight into our 7yo behavior. You can read about it here.

thmb560074b36b9ffWe had a newbie to out link up last week and I loved her sweet post about her two sons. attempting to get alone time did not  work out as planned and hey when does it, but her perspective put a smile on my face. Click the image to read Katrina’s post ;)

You should also follow her blog as her story is simply amazing and I found her to be inspiring!


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When you hear the words OCD tendencies and Symptoms of Depression…


For those of  you that follow my blog regularly then you can recall a post in which we decided to have a counselor evaluate our 7yo. Feel free to read about it here. We could tell that something was going on in that sweet head of hers but could not figure out just what it was. Today we got our answers. I would love to tell you that I feel better knowing but I don’t feel better at all.

We met with the counselor and she explained that our 7yo is experiencing OCD tendencies and symptoms of clinical depression. She explained that we don’t put labels on kids this young so this is not a definitive diagnosis at her young age. As soon as she said the word depression tears fell to my eyes uncontrollably. I wanted to be strong in that moment but couldn’t help but feel that part of my child just died.

I know how that sounds but I couldn’t help but think back to the very first moment I held her. As a mom when you hold your child for the first time, you envision the life that you will have with that child. What you do not envision is OCD or depression at 7 years old. Part of that child that I have envisioned is gone forever.

She will have challenges that I can’t even understand her way as she navigates an imperfect world as a person who needs perfection and consistency. The counselor said that although she is doing wonderful in school it is as if she is playing the role of the perfect student. That is why sometimes she cries without reason and she does not even know the reason. It is all she can do to keep it together at school and as school gets more difficult so will her ability to keep it together.

She also pointed out some things in the parenting department that I need to work on. Although it was tough to hear, she is right. She didn’t seem to judge, but matter of factly explained that 7yo is having some problems with her sister being involved in everything that she is involved with. She says 7yo needs something that is hers and sacred to only her.

This lead us to the conversation of her Pokémon cards and how that is an OCD kids playground. It suddenly made sense. 7yo at times has seemed obsessed with her Pokémon cards, how much damage they have etc. She said that 7yo is very concerned that 2yo is going to mess up her cards. These are what she needs to be sacred to only her.

That night  went to the store and bought her a binder and card protectors for all her cards. She was in heaven and placed them in the binder. I told her that these were hers and no one can touch them unless she wanted them to. It was cute how she wrote a note to ask permission before touching her cards and placed it in the sleeve of the binder.

We also discussed her need to only drink water and pointed out that is not normal for a 7yo. I honestly never thought of it that way before. We don’t give our kids soda and she doesn’t like juice so to me, it was normal. There is a genetic mutation that can also be causing some of her depression symptoms that we are going to test her for. She is leading heavily towards this possibility but we will know for sure after the test results come in. It apparently stops you ability to break down folate and if she has this condition then folic acid supplements will help.

The husband hasn’t said much since we visited with the counselor and I think he doesn’t believe some of it. Whether it be denial or what have you. It is hard to accept but at the same time, I feel like I have a whole new insight into my daughter.  She will have a challenging road ahead but we are committed to helping her. Her first official session is in two weeks and I am hoping that after a few sessions she will feel better and have some tools to help her with her struggles. Gods timing is perfect as my current job will allow me to take her to appointments and not feel stressed about it . where as my previous job, it would have been a challenge. The previous job would not have been as understanding about taking the time off work to tend to family and if they were it would have been super stressful and would have resulted in later days than necessary. Today I will choose to be thankful for the love that we have for our children and our commitment to provide them with all the tool necessary to live a full and healthy life, even if there are challenges ahead.

Every Day Mom Link up 9-20-15

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Welcome to the Every Day Mom link up for the third week of September!!! Can you believe how fast this time is flying? I am in disbelief that October is around the corner, but loving these cool fall mornings. I live in the south so the cool weather does not last long but I will take it in any form that I can get it!

Last week Autumn gave us a short story on putting her sweet Avery in her big girl bed. I like how she acknowledged that some nights she just needs her mommy. My two girls are age 7 and 6 and they still crawl in bed with mommy from time to time. I am really wishing they didn’t because well, my back hurts from all the kicking etc.. but you know.. nightmares and all so what are you going to do! Anyways I digress.. Click on the picture to read autumns great post!thmb55f57c870103e

This weekend Is a busy one for this household. Yesterday I had the AHA heart walk and am a little sore from it today and later this afternoon we have the 100th year celebration for the hospital I work for! It will be fun but exhausting as they are going to have all kinds of kid friendly activities. They plan to have laser tag, and bounce houses so it should be a good time. Maybe…

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Bare with me as I get through these last couple of weeks in my class. It is not too terrible hard but very time consuming so it has taken me away from the blog a bit. New posts to come soon! Until then, just relax and enjoy the blog party!


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The fear I never seen coming

In ten short days the school year will begin. The summer went by so fast I can’t believe it’s time for another year! There are many things I love about the school year/ The beginnings of fall with the cool weather in the mornings, to the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin everywhere. Planning our Christmas and all three of my kids birthdays beginning next month.
When you have kids you begin to imagine what there lives will be like long before they ever reach the age of your imagination. You think about them in school when they are just mere babies, and consider what it will be like. How will you will feel about starting school. Will their teachers be kind and caring? Will my child make friends easily? But there is one thing that continues to plaque my mind as this school year approaches.
With one beginning pre school and one starting first grade, I just can’t help but think. Just can’t help but worry. I say a prayer every night and never thought this would ever be a prayer needed. When your children are in school and away from you, there is nothing you can do to protect or shelter them. You just hope they are safe and that the good lord keeps them that way.
This prayer I am referring to is about keeping my kids safe. It goes something like this.

Dear God,

I know I am selfish, and I don’t always pray. If you could just please watch over my children this school year. Please keep them safe and out of harms way. I remember the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watched the news regarding the sandy Hook shooting, and how every christmas has forever been changed for me. How I will think of that tragedy and those parents every year for the rest of my days. So if you could please watch over them, I would greatly appreciate it. I may not be the perfect mother, but I love these kids with all of my heart!


It’s funny how Seven years ago I thought my biggest fear about school would be about whether or not my kids would enjoy school and make friends. It wasn’t until the second week of school last year that the realization hit me. My daughter came home from her second week of Kindergarten talking about these drill they had to do at school that day. The first two I knew. It was the fire drill and the tornado drill. I got those, but then she began talking about  a third drill. I didn’t understand it at first.  She didn’t know the name of it or why they were doing it, just that they were to hide. Still not understanding I pulled out her binder, and that’s where it read in black and white. Today we will be practicing three drills.
Focusing solely on the third drill as the pit of my stomach made me want to vomit as if I was pregnant in my first trimester it read Intruder/Shooter drill. It’s happened. This world we live in is a world that has to protect innocent children from shooters coming in just because they could.
Upon thinking of my own school experiences the tears streamed down my face. You see, this is not something that I have ever worried about in school as a child myself. School was where my friends were, some of my favorite teachers and where we could have fun and learn. It was a safe place. It pains me to think that our children have to prepare for the event of a school shooting. A six-year-old shouldn’t know what a shooter is. Children should know love and happiness but sadly they will fear a world that takes what they want at any cost.
There are no words to make this realization more palatable, so I leave you with this. As a reminder to myself also. Hold on to those babies, make the moments count. Hug them a little tighter and say a prayer. Pray for our children as they begin this school year. That peace and happiness surround them and to always keep them safe.


Every Day Mom Link up 9-13-15

Evry day mom badgeHappy Sunday everyone! I am ending the weekend completely caught up on homework and ready to relax. Well except for doing the laundry, dishes, and well cleaning the entire house. But yeah, once I complete those things then I can relax right? Sigh, the joys of motherhood and responsibility I guess!

Last week we had some great posts shared and I can’t wait to share some of my picks with you! I loved them all equally so it was hard to choose just two.

thmb55f1f56658e26Tiny Expats came back to the link up this week with her post on perfect parenting, or well the lack there of! I often pin stuff on that Pinterest site that I am quite addicted too I might add, but never have the time or energy to actually do the crafts etc.  Her post really resonated with me because some days I am just barely hanging on! Click the picture to read her awesome post!

The next Step Parents Sanctuary gives us a sweet post on her appreciation for her mom. It’s always nice to circle back and appreciate the person that gave you life. Thanks for such a sweet reminder :)thmb55f0eafb2546f

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The mean girls in Kindergarten

It’s amazing the things you learn when talking to your children. Just that free-flowing dialogue with no true agenda. I was talking to 7yo and the hubby came up to me and said something that I can’t even remember, and without thinking I said okay weirdo. 7yo looks at me and says without any emotion, I was called a weirdo today. This simple sentenced stopped me dead in my tracks! I asked her about the circumstances and she goes on to tell me that the girl is always mean and doesn’t play with her.  There doesn’t seem to be any bullying going on, but then again she called my daughter  a weirdo that one time so who is to say she is not testing the waters, yet then again I just called my husband the same thing, so you know there is that.

Overhearing the conversation my husband goes on to tell me that kindergartener told him that a girl in another class called her friend ugly and told her she had ugly clothes at recess! I realize that this didn’t happen to my child but it pisses me off all the same. While getting ready for bedtime I asked kindergartener about this and she says that the girl was in another class and told her friend she was ugly and that she had ugly clothes.  I asked her if this made her friend sad and she said no it didn’t. Then she said but my best friend “G” who is a boy, told the teacher for her. My first though was really, your best friend is a boy! We have to deal with boys already and the next was good job kid!

I did my research paper on bystander bullying in school but in no way was prepared to cover this subject so early on. kindergartener and I talked about how it is not okay to let someone get picked on and that we must tell someone we see it happening to.

All of this leads me to one question. When did mean girls get so young? It is bad enough that this has to be dealt with in middle school but seriously, as early as Kindergarten? When did we make it okay for this to happen to young kids who are still developing their self-esteem and understanding of each other.

I posted the question on Facebook and one responder says to probably take a look at the parents and it would not take long to see why the girl was a mean girl. I understand what she is saying but can we make it that simple? Can we say it is all the parents fault or is there more to it.

I did my research paper on bystander bullying and found the subject to be compelling and insightful. When we sit and watch something happen to a friend or another individual such as bullying, aren’t we just as much to blame for the victimization as the bully?

Think about the work place and how much bullying occurs on the job. Research suggest that workplace bullying is on the rise and adult professionals choose to look the other way. By being fearful of retaliation and just letting another person get picked on we are saying without saying the words that bullying is okay as long as we are not caught in the middle.

This is the very reason that I chose to tell my little girl to not only stand up for herself but also her friends. In Kindergarten everyone is your friend so we stick with that term for everyone. I told her it takes great courage to stand up for another person but it’s the right thing to do! I told my 7yo that if the girl who calls her weird bothers her again then to tell the teacher as this is not okay.

I am having a little trouble giving them the tools they need if they themselves begin to get bullied. I have never had experience with that one, so I ordered some books that I hope to read with my girls to help steer them in the event someone begins to pick on them.

More importantly my girl’s self esteem is important to me and I know what effects a bully can have on them. I will never forget 7yo’s first day of school! I prayed for safety from school violence and to let my girl fit in with the other kids. It felt silly at the time, my being so worried about them not making friends or fitting in, but now it feels completely warranted.

I would love to say let’s just teach our kids not to bully but the reality is that we must give our children the tools to avoid being victimized at school and later on in life at work. What tips or advice can you give a mom who has very little experience with this subject? Anything can only help as we begin the mean girl phase in life!