This is what happens when you lose the damn tooth!


5yo squeals in delight as she lost her first tooth in my car  and then cries hysterically as she lost the tooth a few minutes later. If you have ever seen my car then you would know why she was crying! There was no way in hell we were going to find it in that mess! Here is what happens when you lose a tooth! btw she got five dollars! The tooth fairy had to cover for emotional damages ;)

I’m only human….

It has proven to be more and more challenging to find time to blog. My last blog post was 22 days ago. It has been 22 days since I have made an unplanned and unannounced hiatus. To those of you who have been looking for the Every Day mom Link up , please accept my sincere apologies. The challenges that come along with parenting three children ages 6 and under has gotten the best of me.  As it stands I have tried to write this post four times today already but can’t even finish a sentence before someone asks for milk, a snack or needs to go potty.

Let’s just hope that I finish it before it’s been 23 days since my last post. The stomach virus hit our house twice over in the last few weeks and I am DONE  dealing with that shit.. quite literally actually.. Sick kids are no fun, and thankfully we have been well for two weeks. my new job has been amazing through my needs to stay home which tells me that I made the right choice with the right people. I love the new job and was even thanked by the chief nursing officer for coming to their hospital to work!

I finished my prerequisite courses and am now applying to get in the RN to BSN program! After two years of the pre courses I cannot wait to get to the gritty and get done with this thing already!

My hiatus didn’t just go for wordpress but for all social media. That’s right I didn’t blog, tweet or post on Facebook for almost a month and it was equally freeing as well as confining. I couldn’t see what everyone was doing, nor did I answer any comments on my blog. Sorry about that by the way, but it was much needed. I needed to be present and for a time there I wasn’t. I was able to focus on the needs of my kids and laugh at them. it was amazing! untitled

The 5yo and 2yo are proving to be quite the pair as they are growing closer and developing that special sibling blond together. Here you can see that 5yo decided to put makeup on little man and a dress and heels of course. I will remind her to pay me back for the therapy he will no doubt need later on in life.

I hope you are all doing well and promise to peep in when I can. For now, the link up is stopped until I can figure out how to fit it in with the crazy demands of my little dictators. I have to remember I am only human and can only do so much with school, work, and family! Please accept my apologies.

What would you blog about?

What would you Blog about_

We blog to share our lives with each other. To connect with one another and feel as though we are not alone. We share personal stories that we may or may not share if we knew each other in person. some of us our anonymous and others are public.

We think we know each other, but then do we really ever scratch the surface? Today during a twitter chat I was asked a very thought-provoking question. Is there anything you are uncomfortable blogging about? Well yes! You see, I post about the ups and downs of parenthood, but rarely talk about the downs of marriage. In fact I am sure all of my followers think that I have the perfect husband. It feels too personal to talk about the times in my marriage when I am unhappy. Which are not often, but marriage is hard work. It has its ups and downs just like parenthood.

If I were anonymous would I post about such things, well maybe but then maybe not. How about you, is there a subject that you feel like you can’t blog about or like you are being untruthful when you do?

If you could blog about one thing without judgement,criticism, or fear of hurting another’s feelings, what would it be?

Every Day Mom Link up 4-30-15

Evry day mom badge It’s our favorite day of the week again!!! For those of you new to the link up, we post our favorite parenting piece of the week into the link up party! Once you include your post then have fun reading the other posts!

  1. April’s post got me thinking….. How often do I spend praying for my husband? The answer not enough… Her post was inspiring and I know that I will be making more of an effort to spend quality time with my husband.
  2. Whitney’s post got me thinking about labels. Is it just our human nature or the effects of knowing nothing else? You can find her thought-provoking post here
  3. Melssa pours her heart to s and shares her story on miscarriage. I much like her found it odd that until I had my own miscarriage never realized how many women have actually had one! Here is the link to that post!

All right ladies let’s link up and party!

Every Day Mom Link Up 4-23-15

Evry day mom badgeI don’t know about you but it sure has been a long week for us here! We have had the sickies since Friday and we are all done! Just like any Every Day mom I am ready to drown my sorrows in a tub of bluebell ice cream  Ben and Jerry’s and call it a day!

We had another great week with the link up last week and you guys are really making it tough for me to pick a favorite! Let’s just say they are all my favorite! Ha, I’m not getting off that easy am I?

Here are some awesome posts that I thoroughly enjoyed from last weeks link up!mommitment I thought Whitney’s Mommitment was a wonderfully creative way to  pledge her support and encouragement to all mom’s out there! Great post Whitney!

Step Parent’s Sanctuary gave us a great if we were having coffee post about meeting her step son’s mother. I love how she points out that no,this was not planned… but yes, I love him and no I never hated you! A wonderful perspective on the other woman in your life whether you have met or not!

2014-11-13-001-001Autumn wrote a post about what her kids have taught her! I love the idea of sharing what your kids have taught you as we can learn from them every day! She also has her own dot com now so make sure you check out her new home!

Now on to the Link up!

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Captuing a Twinkle in Time

A month old
A month old

I lay you in your crib reading brown bear, brown bear. You chant the rhymes with me as you have learned them by heart. Then it’s on to Polar Bear, Polar Bear… Eric Carle being upon your favorite books with Sandra Boynton coming in second.

You have been having fever and feeling ill, so after seven of your most favorite books I decided to make you lay down and rub your back while singing twinkle-twinkle little star. Attempting to mix the song choice up I went on to I love you, but you would not have it. Twinkle, Twinkle little star it is.You normally do not like to be sung to and never really have, not even as a little baby, but today you needed it.

As I sang the song, over and over rubbing your back, your eyes started to flutter. fluttering back and forth as you attempt to fight the sleep I took it in. The sight of your crib, the scent of your freshly bathed skin, the feel of your tiny back underneath my hand as I soothe you to sleep. You attempted to fight it, but succumbed to the lullaby and comfort of your mothers touch.

At two years old you are already bigger than I can imagine. Always trying to catch up with your sister’s you have always grown and matured a little too fast. You like to wear fedora’s and I consider you an old soul. Soon we will get you a what we will call your big boy bed. This will be the last crib, the last changing table, the last rocking glider. This is the last moments for this mom to have a baby.

Once the remnants of the nursery are gone and all things baby are taken away, we will only have these moments in time. These memories that only I will remember.  The ones where you need your mothers comfort, her gentle touch. It will become less and less as you get older through the years. You will begin to need me less.

I will equally miss these moments and relish the new ones as well. Your first day of kindergarten, your first soccer game, your first girlfriend. ( okay, not really that one). I will look forward to it all while thinking He will always be my baby. He will always be that little baby that stopped crying every time he was placed on my chest. That special bond will never go away. You and I will always have that comfort in silence because when you love someone so much a simple silence is all you need.

I’m writing this to you on the brink of your big boy adventures simply so that in the event that I forget, you will not. Long after I am gone hopefully when you are much older, and after what will be  inevitable memories that are not as sweet. You know, those

Two Years old!

Two Years old!

teenage years are just rough on anyone. But you can look back and know without a shadow of a doubt that your mom, she loved you more than life itself. That will never change.If you need me when you get older, just say the word and I am there. if you think that I have stopped loving you, then fear not because I never will. There is nothing on this earth that you can do to cause me to stop loving you. I will push you,  I will hold expectations, I will love you. Because deep down you will always be my little baby boy. I love you through and through!

Nurturing into Compassion

1000speakAs my son looked up at me this weekend with his sad, pitiful red sickly eyes. I knew what he was asking me. He cried out to me and said momma more times than I can count and each time I could tell without him asking. At two years old this little one is an old soul and he just simply wanted to know why. Why do I have to be sick momma he seemed to say.

Now he just has a simple sinus infection but this one has kicked his little ass and that of his mom’s as well. We are exhausted, we are tired we are in this together. I am his mom, I will love him, I will nurture him even though in the end I may want to run away for a few days to get some much-needed introverted alone time.

My answer to his question is simple. Without Suffering there would be no compassion. Compassion does not come naturally and is a feeling more than a learned behavior. Much like empathy is the way we feel towards a person and his or her situation. Compassion comes much of the time after we are placed in another person’s shoes. Or given joy as a result of someone else’s compassion towards us.

After my son was born and I had to have a wound vac for two months ( another story for another time) I suddenly had a renewed compassion for my patients as a nurse. It is not unheard of for nurses to lose compassion with all the sadness we see day to day. It can harden us. I had been in their shoes trying to get a ride to the wound center three days a week. Let me tell you, it is harder than people think. You will never ever hear me get upset with a patient for missing an appointment ever again. I felt their pain.

But I digress. I think that people of children or are nurtured by their mothers or mother figures in their lives are the ones who are able to find that compassion in life. Compassion toward others who are ill, struggling and hold high regard to human life.

I can’t help but think that the murderers in the world who have no regard to human life must have not been nurtured as a child. If they felt that love as a child then maybe, just maybe they would think twice before pulling the trigger. I also realize that this is not in every case, that despite some parent’s efforts a murderer is just a murderer.

I think about those mom’s who have to find out that their children have committed the ultimate crime. How heart breaking it must be to know that they are capable of such acts. Maybe deep down they have always known. Maybe they were just doing the best that they could and maybe just maybe someone needed to show them a little compassion as well. The single mom who works two jobs and is barely home to spend time with her children.

We need to remember to nurture our children and pick caregivers who will nurture them as well. My two-year old’s daycare teacher is like a second mom to him and for that I could not be more thankful. We also need to remember to nurture each other.  Give a warm meal to the old man standing on the street holding his sign telling you he is hungry.  Chances are he is a war vet who fought hard for our country and our freedom. Offer some assistance to a stressed out mom in the grocery line as her kid is screaming and she is bouncing him on he hip while attempting to pay the cashier. We have all been there.

Isn’t Compassion and act of nurturing anyway? Providing for someone in need. loving them, taking care of them. It is all intertwined. I can’t help but think the world would be a much better place if we all nurtured on another. Starting from birth, we must nurture, show compassion, and show our love for one another. Let’s start right now and maybe, just maybe there will be a few less murders in the world.