When we were young


Wednesdays are the girls Ballet days and I always enjoy taking them. This past Wednesday was no different and we decided to go to Chick Fil A for some dinner.  the girls enjoy the playground after and I like to watch them have fun while being able to relax.

They usually make some new friends on the playground and this time there were two little boys that were about the same age as my little ducklings. Immediately they began to play dragons and I couldn’t help but giggle as they were the bad dragons and the cop dragons. Cops and robbers with a twist I like it!

Then I began to marvel at the innocence of these young little kids. Watching them in all their glory without a care in the world. The  younger of the two boys began to ask the normal questions like hey, how old are you and that type of stuff. It was getting close to bedtime and my oldest answered his questions and told him that she was seven years old. Then suddenly as if it dawned on him that it was getting late he says ” Don’t you have homework to do?”

Ahhh there it is folks. That pure innocence I was talking about. Do you remember when life was simple and care free. Remember when the biggest problem in our lives was just whether or not we completed our math assignment? You before bills, kids, marriage and that whole responsibility fiasco that we thought we wanted when we were young.

If I had one wish for my kids it would be for them to remain kids for as long as possible. I see too many pre teens and teenagers trying to be adults and you just want to say, be a kid! it’s a good thing! Act like a kid, it’s kind of fun!

In the event my children one day read my blog, I will tell them this. Enjoy being young and carefree. This time is special and do not be in a hurry to grow up. The world of responsibility, stress and  chaos will await you when you are a true adult. If you can hang on to these years a little longer then do it. Don’t worry so much about tomorrow. It’s not going anywhere and is definitely not guaranteed.

Don’t waste your time on being what you think people want you to be. Be who you are and to hell with anyone who says it’s not good enough. If you don’t want to do something then don’t. If you do then do. Unless I tell you to do something, then do it because I’m your mom and my rules stick.

The world awaits you and you can do it all and be it all.  Remember that you have many years before you need to grow up and now is not that time. Unless you are thirty , reading this and still living in my house. Then it is time to grow the hell up and get out of my house. No please, please get out.

Most importantly know that I love you no mater what and will always be here for you. You will always be that little baby that I once held in my arms and rocked to sleep.

Do you remember what it was like to be young an innocent? Remember when we only had to worry about whether or not our crush liked us back? You know back when we were young?


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I bring you my random awesomeness

Today I just feel like telling ya’ll a bunch of random stuff. No reason other than I just want to so there you have it. Enjoy this Friday and all my random awesomeness!

My neck has been causing quite a bit of pain for me to the point that I could barely turn my head. Considering that I have quite the pain tolerance and this pain pushed me to the verge of tears, I decided to go ahead and call the chiropractor. I didn’t want to since we do not have insurance right now, but I couldn’t deal with it for one more minute. They were completely awesome and he only charged me 40 dollars to treat my pain! What, that is lower than when I had  insurance! He’s a pretty cool doc, so I think I will keep him and I fell so much better!

I start my new job next week! ( can you hear the angels sing?) Right now I am having mixed emotions of happiness with a morsel of sadness. To my own surprise I have enjoyed being home every night for homework, bath time and dinner. Thankfully I have a job where this should continue. We will see, that is still to be determined.

Now that my neck is feeling better  I can start blogging regularly again! I know right! It hurt to look down at the computer screen and I think I have been going through some serious withdrawls! Not to mention I barely got the Every Day mom link up ready yesterday. Sorry to my regular ladies on that one, it has just been a painful week but no more! Let’s enjoy our favorite or not favorite parenting moments and have a laugh shall we.

Spring break for the 7yo starts next week and I am looking forward to spending a day alone with her. She has always been an emotional girl but there have been a couple of  moments where I felt like she was sad about something. This morning it was because she lost her play -doh.  I am told her if she was sad about something then let me know, but she insisted it was just about the play-doh. I’m not sure if I believe that or not so I am going to spend Monday( my job starts Wednesday) with just me and her to see if there isn’t more to it. Sometimes play -doh is just play-doh but my mommy instincts are kicking in on this one, so we will see. Any suggestions on how to get her to open up?

My English class is almost over yay!!!!! We have this research paper that is our last item to work on and I am supposed to be working on my annotated bibliography as we speak, but you guessed it. I would rather be blogging. oops! No worries, it will get done. I just need to unwind a little :)

I kind of feel like the dog from up today. you know the one.. squirrel… yeah that one. These girls just walked into Starbuck and if I hear one more exaggerated and loud omg like yeah! I am going to lose it! That’s what they make head phones for I guess.. Drowning them out now as we speak! I know that was random, but  go and sit at a coffee shop for the quiet soothing atmosphere not to hear the latest gossip. although people watching can be fun, it’s not what I came here for today.

okay my lovelies, I will leave you with that. How about all that randomness huh? Enjoy your Friday folks :)



Evry day mom badge

Hey everyone! I am here I promise! These past couple of weeks have seen to get away from me, but without further ado, I bring you the Every Day mom link up!

1.  I really enjoyed this post by Grubbs and Critters! Kids and airports, well you just have to check it our http://www.inlinkz.com/displayurl.php?id=22160550

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3. Whitney gave us a post on things toddlers say which I adored! I think we all have posting material from things our kids say every day :) http://www.inlinkz.com/displayurl.php?id=22155074

Thanks again to those who participate! here is this week’s link up and I can’t wait to ready what you all come up with!


Every Day mom Link-up 3-19-15

Evry day mom badge

I don’t know about you but Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week! We had some new friends join last week and some awesome posts! I’m a little behind this week as I have been prepping for the new job! I got my new parking sticker yesterday and suddenly it all feels so real! I will be back to work in no time!

Last week’s posts were amazing and I will try to narrow it down to three.

1.thmb55044329926a8 Maisy gives us a fun and humorous post about dancing in the car! Which is hilarious because she was in the car rider line ;)

2. The pinterested Parent describes for us the art of raising a child! Her words are beautiful and inspiring!thmb55022fd160c4c

3.thmb5501ce8baf9ce Glyinis writes  a letter to the songwriters of frozen and well you just have to read her brilliance for your self!  This post has earned her a spot on Huffington Post and is now a contributor! Congrats girl on a well deserved honor!


Now for the Link-up rules:

1. Use the inlinz form to submit your post

2. Read and comment on at least two of the blog posts and follow them if you like what you see

3. Follow your host if you would like to participate weekly

4. Have fun! This is a party after all ;)


I miss you Goodnight Moon


Last night was the school’s family shopping night at the book fair. Since we love to read of course I showed with way too much money to spend on books! We had to, right? Anyhoo once we got home with our fun loot Duckling #1 (7yo) immediately sat down on my lap and she read her first of three books.

I haven’t held y 7yo in quite some time as she has grown quite independent so this was a very special moment in which she was feeling very loving. It’s amazing how one moment can bring such happiness and sadness at the same time. I was happy that she could read that book all by herself yet sad that I do not get to read to her like a baby anymore.

From the day we brought our children home we have cuddled and read them stories like Little Nut brown hare and goodnight moon. We have been lost in stories and the fantasy that we get to live in with our little ones. As a mom you prepare yourself to miss certain milestones. You miss the way your then 2yo says yee yee for the word monkey or the way that same child waves with their hand turned backwards. There is honestly one milestone that I did not prepare myself to miss. That would be the one in which my kids needed me to read to them.

Duckling #1 reads at a fourth grade level and it is amazing how fast she has learned. This girl loves books and often walks into school with her nose in one. So at first grade she is quite the independent reader leaving her mom missing those snuggly nights in which we would read her favorite good night moon!

So last night as she sat on my lap with a book she was reading I breathed it all in. The scent of her hair, the sound of her voice as she was reading about Eva the owl. The familiarity of her sitting in my lap even though over the course of seven years she is far from the 6 pound baby that I brought home.

I remembered cuddling her in her yellow glider that I had custom-made and still graces the room of my son. Stories like If you take a mouse to the movies and I love you through and through came so vividly in my head as they were also some of her favorites. I remembered her laugh and the way we would spend all day playing on the floor without a care in the world. When you have one child there is more time to do that I guess.

I may not have much more days of her sitting in my lap, so today I took it all in. She is growing at warp speed and I suspect she will surpass me in height within two years time if not sooner. My husband is 6’3″ so this is not far-fetched. Today I have my little girl but in the blink of an eye I will have a young lady. So for now as I sit here with my child reading to herself I am missing Goodnight Moon!

Life, Love and Ten years together


Happy eleven years to my Husband!

Originally posted on From diapers and tutus to meetings and boardrooms:

IMG_1454 The sun shining through the clouds

As she had awaken for the morning in her grandmother’s house, she looked out the window to see gray clouds. Instant nausea had risen in her throat. It can’t possibly rain today she thought. It’s an outdoor wedding! She went to the breakfast table to greet her “nanny” as she had nicknamed her grandmother since she was a little girl. Nanny looked at her and said oh sweetie you are nervous, eat something it will be okay. She stopped to reflect on this and said, “no I just don’t want it to rain on my wedding day!” marrying him is the easy part. No nerves, no shaky hands, just please don’t rain on us today. So she ate a quick bite and went to get her hair done on this dreary Monday morning. Yep, they  picked a Monday to be husband and wife!  The…

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TTOT – getting back in the game


I haven’t posted a TTOT post in a while. If I’m being honest I haven’t been blogging much either. maybe it’s the stress of the job hunt or plain old burnout but I’m ready to get back in the game.

My English class has proven to be more demanding than I thought an online English class would be, so the fact that I have been off work these two months has helped in that perspective ( Thankful #1)

The tension in my shoulders and neck have proven to be most unbearable so I have started doing some yoga again. I’m only a beginner but it has helped relieve some of the pressure and that will keep me from the chiropractor since I do not have insurance right now it’s not a feasible expense. (Thankful #2)

I have received the official phone call and if all goes well I will be starting my new job in two weeks! EEK I am so nervous, excited and relieved. I plan on making the best use of my last two weeks home. ( Thankful #3)

This time with my kids have been amazing, except when they go to school and I am at home by myself all day. I have been able to listen to them, not feel rushed and just support them in ways I don’t think I allowed time for previously. I am thankful for this time and new perspective ( Thankful #4)

We do not owe as much as we thought on taxes this year so that is amazing! The hubby self contracts so unfortunately taxes are not taken out with each pay check so the unfortunate thing there is we owe every year. We have decided to plan better this year and start saving ahead of time to relieve that burden in the future ( Thankful #5)

We managed to have on sunny day and were able to take the kids to the park with some dear friends. It was so great to see kids just playing and having fun. The sunshine helps too. We have had rain ever since but today should be decent and are planning to go to a local carnival with those same friends. The girls talk about this carnival every year and I am excited that despite financial concerns we are just going to take them. ( Thankful #6)

Tomorrow is the anniversary and will be celebrating eleven years together. We have been through so much in just eleven years but have always made it through to the other side. ( Thankful #7)

I don’t typically watch t.v. in the daytime but decided to watch Meredith yesterday afternoon. She says if you believe you can do something then who cares if one person thinks that you cannot not. prove them wrong. Its’ funny how I have always believed in myself but allowed recent events bring me down. Maybe it’s adulthood and the fact that we stop believing in magic as we get older and by association I think stop believing in ourselves. But watching that, must have been Kismet because it has renewed a fire inside of me that I let blow out a long time ago. I am thankful for my newfound perspective and believe I can do what I set my mind to! ( Thankful #8)

Okay, so that’s like eight thankfuls but that last one is ten wrapped in one so I think we can call it even. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember the only person that can make you feel inferior is yourself.