Give me an extra shot of Expresso Please!!!!


If we were having coffee I would have my laptop and text books with me. I would tell you that I am taking a much need break from studying and then when you leave I will hit the books again.

I would begin by ordering a pumpkin spice latte with an extra shot of espresso and say please distract me from my homework! Yes, we would be meeting at Starbucks, they have pumpkin spice now right?

I would begin by saying that although I have been taking classes for two years straight that we are now down to the hard stuff and to say I am counting down the classes would be an understatement! There is several people from my work that are in the same class so it helps to know someone is in the same boat.

I would also tell you that the girls have been in school for two weeks now and it is going great! The kindergartener has been plum exhausted and we are doing good to get her a bath before she passes out on the couch.  The second grader starts art lessons next week which she is super excited about.

I would tell you that we have been back and forth about whether or not to meet with a counselor for 2nd grader and decided to bite the bullet and meet with her. She put all our fears at ease and very well thinks that her behaviors could be physiological versus mental. She has had constipation her entire life and she explained how those kids can anger easily and become emotional as they eventually regulate their bowels they have a feeling of loss of control.

She meets with her on Friday so we will know more after that. I hesitated to make the appointment because mostly she is a happy, normal kid but has trouble explaining her feelings. The hubby does not think that this is necessary but at the same time we both do not want to assume anything.

I would take a deep breath and tell you that I have fallen off the weight watchers band wagon and have gained every pound that I lost. It is quite depressing but I am going to get back on because I can feel the difference from when I eat healthy versus eating the junk food. I feel tired, cranky and run down again and need that to go away pronto!

My kindergartener is having a birthday Sunday and my normally well planned ahead self has not prepared for it! it will all be last-minute this year, but we are also going to have a small and simple party at home. She chose and Ariel theme so that will be the theme of her cake this year!

I would tell you that although I love my new job, it has been a little stressful lately and I hope that the chaos comes to an end soon. My new job has been my saving grace as I am able to better balance work, family and school.

I would ask you to tell me what’s going on in your life and then go on to study for my quiz tomorrow. I would tell you thank you for meeting me for coffee and please for my sanity’s sake let’s do it again next week!

Every Day Mom Link Up 8-30-15

Evry day mom badgeI didn’t forget about  you  I promise! I am taking a study break to bring you this weeks link up! My classes started Monday and it has been intense already! Nothing I can’t handle, just having to put other things on the back burner is all!

We had some great posts last week and I shared them all on twitter! I would share on Facebook too but I do not have much traffic on there and my goal is to get you as much traffic as possible!

As for this week’s shout outs!

D.Parker ( I still have that song stuck in my head by the way ;) ) You have to read her always funny and fun posts! This one will bring you back and is sure to get stuck in your head as you spend the day dancing as if no one is watching!

Louis gives us a post that I can relate to! My soon to be 6yo still sucks her thumb and I will do anything to get her to stop!

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Every Day Mom Link up 8-22-15

Evry day mom badge

We survived the first week of school!  My little kindergartener did great and we are relaxing and enjoying the weekend. So today’s post is going to be short and sweet!  Let’s hope we have another great week and the newness of it all doesn’t wear off. We will see how eager my little ducklings are for school on Monday morning ;)

Now on to the Link up!  ( See, told you it was short and sweet today) Add your favorite posts and let’s party!

Bittersweet Independence


Locking eyes with her in the rear view mirror, my oldest says “momma, I can take Bailey to class if you want” Her voice sounded unsure but her eyes said I want to take this on! She being the big sister wanted to take our little kindergartener and show her the ropes. Part of me wanted to say “no, I want to do it!”  But being the oldest sibling myself I fully understand the duty we have to our younger siblings. I may have wanted to have that moment with my kindergartener just as I did with her older sister on her first day of school, but I looked into those sweet oldest’s eyes and said of course you can! That would be a big help to mommy!

Now her voice carried with confidence as she explained the happenings of elementary school! you know, the arts the crafts and all the library books you get to read! Next as it was time to get out of the car, it was talks of recess and how you can play on the jungle Gym. She went on to explain the different play grounds and how the cool older kids get to play on that one! I kissed my sweet little five-year old goodbye and hugged her tight as she begins her next chapter in life.

This chapter that doesn’t always include mom and where my influence on her starts to lessen. It’s bittersweet actually. The new-found independence and the for sure beginnings  of losing anything that can be considered baby. Tears filled my eyes as I watched these two walking side by side. Talking, laughing as they walked into the place that begins your preparation into adulthood.

I am proud of my oldest for taking it upon herself to help her sister out and a little saddened by the fact that she is growing way too fast. I still see that small baby with her beautiful big eyes and gorgeous hair when I look at her!

Motherhood is quite the roller coaster isn’t it? The emotions that comes with this role doesn’t makes sense to those who are not a mother. One minute they are driving us insane and we can’t run far enough away from them and the next minute we don’t want to blink because time goes by just too fast. We tell our kids to become more independent only to become a little saddened once they do. We long for the baby years again while fully embracing the independent years.  If I were looking at someone else with these constant change in emotions I would suggest they see their therapist and get some good medications going pronto.

 Today I watched proudly at my girls as they embraced their new adventures. Today was a good day to be a mom! Let’s face it, after dealing with the terrible two’s I needed a good mom day? What are some of your good mom day moments?

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Every Day Mom Link up 8-15-15

Evry day mom badgeIt is rainy and windy here in the south today and the kids are watching movies to keep occupied! Thanking my lucky stars that they are finding ways to entertain themselves while I get some stuff around the house today. Just a few minutes ago I had three little ones running and laughing while pretending to be power rangers! Oh the sound of a child’s laughter is the best thing on earth!

You know what is not so nice! The sound of a full blown toddler tantrum. One that still had me shuddering about it last night as I decided to blog about it! I will be adding it to the link up this week because that is what the Every Day Mom link up is about! The good, the bad and the downright ugly! And yesterday morning was just plain ugly!!!

A huge Thank you to those that link up each week and to those of you that are fairly new a nice welcome to the link up! We look forward to having you each week as we share our every day mom moments. If you don’t have a parenting piece for the week that’s okay, you can add whatever post you like. We realize that our identity is not just that of mom.

thmb55c77b1cbdf85I really enjoyed this post from Ann at Grubbs and Critters! Her letter to her daughter was just well written and hit home to me as my oldest daughter does not like hugs and physical affection. She shows her love in other ways and well, that is okay. Click on the picture to read her great post!

I also really enjoyed this post from Lois at Baby Gates Down on the view master! It left me with a thmb55cab4b332ddefeeling of nostalgia from one of my favorite toys and now I want to buy one for the kid for Christmas! okay maybe it is really for me but the kids do not need to know that!

Check out her post and her blog! It’s a great one!

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Terrible two’s can suck it!

Life has been a little stressful lately and naturally when I get this busy I tend to shy away from the blog. The irony here being that when I get this busy and chaos is all around me happens to be the time when I need this blog the most. So this is me reaching out and saying I need this, I need to write and find my voice. It has been a little lost for a while.

It’s nothing major really just the every day stress that comes from parenting a 7yo, 5yo and a 2yo. The 2yo is so easy-going and relaxed we just thought that we would skip right over those pesky terrible two’s! Umm not!!!!  The closer he gets to those trying threes the more he has decided to show us that we haven’t seen nothing yet!

Let’s see lately we have had a full-blown satanic meltdown over power rangers, his blanket, whether or not he wants to eat his banana and well really anything that strikes his fancy.

This morning proved to be quite the challenge. I went and awakened him out of his slumber and he just layed there smiling at me with those cute little dimples, and I thought okay. he’s in a good mood. Not a chance! He threw down about the shirt he was wearing and then his dang underwear! Apparently only super hero underwear was the way to go this morning! Seriously!! Then after said meltdown we got up and I carried him to the couch in which he screamed bloody murder because Mickey mouse was left in his bed. I consider myself a good parent so I went to het the mickey! Damn that was the wrong thing to do. he stomped and screamed right behind me and then his devil horns began to show because apparently he is the only one who can touch mickey mouse!

So I did what any parent would do I threw that shit down and decided to pee. a completely hysterical kid followed me and as I was on the potty decided that he needs to go too! I tell him to go to his bathroom and next thing I know he has peed all over the damn place! OY.. so much for  being in a good mood.

We eventually made it to the car and dropped off at daycare. I am lucky to have such great work friends who don’t mind me being a few minutes late and can not only relate but laugh at my expense. In hindsight it was pretty funny but don’t tell my son that..

Now as I drink my glass of red wine all I can say is terrible two’s can suck it! I want my sweet boy back ;)

Every Day Mom Link up 8-9-15

Evry day mom badgeIt’s the weekend again which means it’s time for us to all share our fun parenting stories with each other! I have noticeably been absent the last couple  of weeks so I am going to try to crank out a post to share this week!

School starts back in one week for us and it has been crazy busy at work so between the two I have been plain exhausted! We had some great posts last week and I hop we can get some new bloggers to the party! Share or tweet the link up and let’s see who we can convince to join in on the fun!

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