Kitchen Nightmares


Let the kids help in the kitchen they said.. It will be fun they said….. They will begin to try more foods if they help cook the food they said..

Lies, Lies, and more Lies..

I have been trying to get the kids more involved in the meal preparation and it has been fun to have them help. But what they need to add to the above statements is NEVER turn your back on those little minions for a second! Look at this little guy destroying my pumpkin cornbread. IMG_2330Seriously I turned around for one second and I turn back round to find my lovely, Pinterest found, homemade pumpkin cornbread looking like it was meant for sensory play. That is just what he used it for too. He took those little hands and molded that stuff like it was play dough. Seriously I don’t know what he was thinking. The only logical step was for me to grab the camera and catch the minion in the act. I’m not wasting time getting mad and yelling, just take some pics of his adorableness. We had a talk about not playing with food after ;) The aftermath was horrid and it took awhile to clean up. but I have a clean kitchen now so you know, there is that.

Having the kids help in the kitchen has not enticed them to try more foods, so I am pretty much calling bull shit on that one. I was so hoping that getting them involved and helping with the prep, stirring etc. that they would try the food that we made. I had the two littlest help me make beef stew one night and it was so tasty, but nah, they turned their noses up at it without trying one bite. lies.. lies.. lies.. I tell you.

For you who have kids that actually eat a variety of food, can you share your secret? I am dying over here.. what tricks have you tried to get your kids to eat more foods?



My kid is not Shy and No I will not make her hug you

I read a post on Scary Mommy today that resonated with me instantly. I have had a  similar post swirling in my head for awhile now and just never made time to put it in the drafts. The post I am referring to talks about not forcing kids to hug others if they do not want to.

I have to say  that I completely agree with that post. I have often been accused informed that my kids are just simply too shy. They need to learn to open up and talk to people, they said. Well let me tell you a little secret. My kids are far from shy. They have no problem speaking their minds and I am finding that people often confuse introverted with shyness. Shyness is apprehension and anxiety in social situations where as introverts need alone time to recharge.

My oldest daughter is an introvert and very much values her personal space. So is her mother by the way. We have a bubble and do not enjoy others in our bubble. I have not and will not force her to hug anyone she does not want to hug. It is her body and shouldn’t we teach our kids to maintain control over what happens to their body?

Kids do not get a lot of control over most things, but the one thing they should control is their body. This also includes hugging me by the way. If she does not want to hug me, then I do not force her. It may hurt my feelings a bit but I know that she loves me, she just shows it differently.

I don’t want her to think that she has to let people touch her to make them happy and put their happiness in front of her discomfort. I want her to trust her instincts and there are just too many creeps out there who will try to get kids to do unspeakable things to make them happy. I just can’t even go there, but you know what I am referring to.

It is not rude to not hug a family member nor does it make them self centered. It lets them value their personal space and value their bodies. I understand that grandparents love their kids and it can hurt their feelings if they are not hugged but at least in our case, the grandparents are n around on a daily basis. It may feel like hugging a stranger and that just seems odd to kids.

we should look at kids respect their personal space. We should empower them to control their bodies and respect their choices of whether or not to show affection. What do you do when your children do not want to hug others?

Every Day Mom Link up 11-22

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Today we celebrated the oldest turning 8, so this one will be short and sweet!

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I will post a longer post soon, but we have had an exhausting weekend of preparing for and now cleaning up a little girl birthday party!

Every Day Mom Link up 11/15/2015

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Our weekend has been busy with cleaning, birthday parties and family time. Yesterday I enjoyed spending time with the kids and today as I look at the mess that encompasses the house that I spend 8 hours to clean yesterday, I am ready to put some kids into time out! Motherhood is a roller coaster like that I guess. Oh well, I got a few minutes of nice cleanliness bliss.

We had several great posts last week so I am going to do my best to pick some favorites to highlight some of my favorites. First we had a proud mom post from A momma’s view. She highlighted all the right reasons to be proud of your kids and it just really resonated with me. I am not the mom who puts pictures of my kids report cards on Facebook ( there is no judgment here if you do, it’s just not my thing). I find being proud of your children’s bravery, courage and perseverance against all obstacles helps build character and shape kids into well-adjusted, loving and kind adults. You can find her post here.

Ashley at Backroads and Baby steps gave us a great post on her perfect day. She has some really great pictures in her post too, so take a look here and read about her perfect day with her sweet kids.

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That’s all there is to it! Enjoy this weeks link up and see you soon!

The moment you cannot prepare for


Anyone who has ever met me would know that I am a planner. I like to plan ahead and know what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. Spontaneity is just something that I do not do well with. In fact, I remember my husband springing lunch with his family on Easter one hour before they were meeting. The littlest was just a few months old at that point, and well, let’s just say it was one miserable lunch. At least for me it was miserable. It wasn’t in the plans for the day.

Today we went to a birthday party and had a great time. Obviously this was in the plans, but what you should also know about me is that when I am ready to leave, I am really ready. The party was at a local park and attempting to wrangle the kids was becoming about as effective as herding cats. Alas we had all three kids ready to go and what does my husband do? He gets out a basketball and takes all three kids to play on the court! say what… I am like done at this point people and here he goes playing all fun dad and taking the kids to play basketball and its getting dark outside!

I was obviously frustrated, marched my little but over to that court and took one look at my family and stopped in my tracks. Something about the sight of him playing with our three kids, all of them laughing, and I was in love. In love with him for being such a great father, in love with the family that we created.

Memories of playing basketball swirled in my head from my own childhood and are still some of my favorite times to reflect on. Instead of yelling and forcing everyone to end their fun, I decided to join in on the fun! We had a blast passing the basketball back and forth. Playing keep away from the 3yo which really isn’t hard, because you know he’s three. The 7yo laughed and had fun as we spent that moment enjoying togetherness as a family.

It’s okay to be a planner, and heaven knows that I definitely am one of those. But it is also okay to just relax and enjoy the precious moments that god gives us each and every day. A mist all the challenges, busy schedules and hectic lives, we have those moments. It is just up to us to pay attention to them.

Our oldest daughter will be eight years old next week and I am just amazed at how fast the time has flown by! Years.. I mean years are passing by and for the life of me I can’t figure out where they went!

Paris has suffered a terrible tragedy. For those that live in the united states, we know the feeling, the terror that bestows upon that country right now. We remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. We remember where we were when we found out the news. We watched the news coverage as the world trade center collapsed. We vowed to live life to the fullest, we vowed to cherish every memory created. A vow that at the time was sincere and felt to be the truth.

The truth is, as time marches on and life gets in the way, we forget those vows. We take things and each other for granted. We have deadlines and schedules to keep leaving no room for spontaneity. We are reminded once again of how precious our time on this earth is. I challenge you to forego your plans and your schedules and look for the daily opportunity to enjoy the moment. Even if the moment only lasts five minutes, find something to enjoy.

I spend the majority of the day cleaning the house and getting naps in for the kids. All three kids were well-behaved today and it was the perfect opportunity to clean the house. As I reflect on today, I realize that had my husband not grabbed that basketball and created that moment, then I may have not had one with my kids today. I was too busy, had too much work to do. I am thankful for my husbands unplanned nature. shhh.. don’t tell him that I said that. He balances me perfectly even when I refuse to see it.

Today we had a great moment, one that is sure to be my favorite of all time. Had I not opened my eyes, I would have missed it! Create your moment, find the time and enjoy the little things that we so often take for granted. As, I say my prayers tonight for those that have lost their loved ones in recent events and for the world that just seems to have lost its mind, I will also thank god for the reminder. The reminder that life is short and we only  get one shot at this thing called life. I challenge you to make it count.

A weekend to Remember


Remember the feeling when you first fall in love? The warm butterflies you felt when you looked at each other. The way it felt as if you were the only two people in the room even though their was dozens surrounding you. Those feelings change over time, the love is still there but it changes. Add a few kids in their and well, you rarely get time alone. This weekend the hubby and I were blessed to spend time alone on the beach!

It has been six years since our last weekend away and it was much needed. Over the years we said we would ensure that we go on date nights once a month and make a conscious effort to spend quality time together. Well, you know what? It’s damn hard to commit to that when you have three little ones, two full time jobs and a part time student career getting in the way. I honestly do not remember the our last date together. It has been awhile. But this weekend, we were alone. This weekend we had quiet. Guess what we did?

We talked about the kids the entire time!!! Get your mind out of the gutter people… We missed those three little people that we were desperate to get away from like crazy. It actually gave us some time to talk about the oldest and her mthfr diagnosis, which we had not  a proper conversation about since she started therapy. The husband is tired and asleep by the time I get the kids to bed each night, so our conversation can be minimal at times. We also really enjoyed our alone time, so I don’t want you thinking there was no romance, because guess what the spark is still there, it just looks a little different now.

We arrived at our beach condo after picking the kids up from school and taking them to our sister in laws house for the weekend. It used to be effortless but now we have to plan for accidents, picky eaters and well you get the idea. The condo was beautiful and immaculately cleaned. I am happy if the laundry is clean at home. We felt like we were living in luxury with no crayon on the walls, and the dining room table that you can actually see the top of! We took one look at the second bedroom and began rambling about the kids, lol. it’s amazing how that works. The rest of the evening was spent basking in the quietness and enjoying spending time together.

The next morning sounds of the waves crashing against shore woke us up. This is  a much nicer sound that a three year old screaming that he wants his mommy or the 7yo that wakes you up to tell you that she needs to go poop! t was glorious. After taking our time getting dressed and ready for the day, we walked on our private access to the beach and sat and talked. We talked about our 7 year old and the challenges we face with her mthfr diagnosis. There were emotions and tears as this was not how we set out to spend our romantic get away. Even, as we were discussing the challenges I looked at my husband and remembered. Being able to have a real conversation with him reminded me of why I chose to spend my life with this man to begin with. it wasn’t the grand gesture of roses or gifts that would have lit my fire in those early years, but the companionship, support and genuine love for one another that sustains a relationship through the good bad and ugly. Believe me when I say we had seen it all.

later that evening we decided to do some shopping and of course bought for the kids. We did at the  least get some Christmas shopping done. Dinner was at a local seafood restaurant and it was delicious! The rain came next so we went back to the condo to relax.

The following morning we were awaken to raindrops hitting hard and heavy. Een then the beach looked beautiful and we talked for a few minutes then decided it was time to get ready to leave. We missed the kids but were glad to have the weekend together. It wasn’t the perfect idealistic get away with rose petals on the bed. but it was perfect for us. Time for us to talk, hold hands and be a couple. Even if we did talk about the kids a lot, we still managed to talk about other things. We were able to just be… Something that is difficult in the everyday challenges that come with raising three kids together. I will never forge this weekend and hopes it will serve as a reminder of the need for us to spend quality time together without the kids. I sure didn’t feel those butterflies like when we first began dating, but I felt a love more powerful that the puppy stage you go through when you begin dating the love of your life. I felt the long lasting love that carries you through the ups and downs, the good and the bad. The kind of soul nourishing love that never fades and only strengthens with time. For that, I am thankful!

Every Day Mom Link up 11-8-15

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Another Sunday and Another Link up! I find myself exhausted this week! We had a much-needed weekend on the beach without the kids! It was awesome and wonderful but of course we missed them like crazy! Needless to say this afternoon has been spent giving hugs and cuddles to our little ones.

Now that it is bedtime I can finally get this link up posted  for your guys. Sorry about the delay, but you know.. life and all..I have lots of school work to get started on for this week and am really ready for this class to be over! Crazy me has decided to try two classes at a time for the spring semester so I can get these classes knocked out! wish me luck as I make that journey! Just one class has made it hard to keep up with all that is going on, but I am determined to get these last eight classes completed as quickly as possible. This time next year, I should be almost complete with the program and will have my BSN!!! I am wishing I had done this when I got my nursing degree 12 years ago, but it is , what it is.. I will be done soon enough ;)

Okay, enough about me! I hope you all had a great week! I look forward to reading your post and will plan on getting my post up around Wednesday! I have lots of material in my head, it’s just making the time to get it in the drafts! It is amazing how a weekend on the beach can clear your head!!!

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