Finding yourself in the Service of others

Mahatma GandhiIt’s Day two of my quote a day challenge. This particular quote I stumbled upon on Facebook yesterday and immediately fell in love with it! Gandhi as always has some words of wisdom and I enjoy his quotes often.

I must admit that at times I can be quite selfish. I think we all are, but this quote reminds me of why I chose the nursing profession to begin with. We get to serve others in need. When they are ill, scared and at a low point in their lives, nurses can provide support and compassion.

The thing is, I get paid to do that, so why does serving others have to stop there. Why shouldn’t I get involved with the community and help others.  This quote reminds me that there are more ways to serve others in need.

I have a calling to do more and i must act on it! This has me thinking of some volunteer opportunities in our community and I am now going to make it my mission to join at least one!  Thanks again for nominating me for this challenge Ann! I am loving these posts :) What ways do you serve others?

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I hope you ladies enjoy this challenge as much as I do :)

Every Day mom Link up 7-4-15

Evry day mom badgeIf you live in the states then you are celebrating Independence Day today! The Day we celebrate our freedom by eating too much food and watching Fireworks! Well except for me because my kids are scared of the loud noises those things create. So we will go to a friends house, hang out and just eat way too much food! Shhh.. Don’t tell my weight watchers app i’m not planning on counting my points today!

Last week we had such great posts that I went and re read them all last night! Yep I read all your posts twice!  I really enjoyed D Parker’s post on Love! She always brings humor to her posts that are often subtle and very imaginative! I look forward to her posts daily :)

Secrets of mommyhood gave us a post about explaining death to children that is sure to tear at your heart strings! I very difficult but unfortunately necessary subject at times. Grandparents share a special bond with their grandchilden and It is hard when a child loses his buddy! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Now on to the rules for the link up! Add your post using the inlinz form a the bottom. Be sure to visit at least two other blog posts and like/Share or comment. Remember sharing is caring ;) That’s it, see it’s not hard. We just want to enjoy some great writing and networking with other parents who are going through the same stuff we are. I hope you enjoy your fourth of July if you live in the states and be safe this holiday weekend!

A Freedom to Fight For

Freedom is never more than one

Thank you  Ann at for nominating me to do the 3 Day post a Quote Challenge! I am normally horrible at accepting awards and doing these challenges but have found myself awake before the kids this morning, so  here goes!

With Independence Day just around the corner I felt it  to be appropriate to post a quote on freedom and love this quote by Ronald Reagan! As we get ready for tomorrow’s fireworks festivities of fireworks and hotdogs, let’s be reminded to not take our freedom for granted.

I still remember holding my breath as I learned of the reports of a possible shooter at the Navy Yard yesterday, or the way it felt the day the pentagon went down, even a month ago when we were told that due to security threats we simply could not have our children’s Ballet recital at the Navy Base as planned.

Our Freedom can be here today and gone tomorrow. I urge you on this celebration of Independence Day to  remember those that serve our country so we can maintain the life of free will that we are accustomed to. The ones who fight every day and leave their families behind. The ones that missed the birth of his child and will soon meet her for the first time. The one who has been overseas for just a little too long and just isn’t quite the same person as he was before. The one who has to leave her children in the care of her mother because as a single mom, she doesn’t have a choice. The homeless man on the street who is now looked as if he weren’t worth our glance in his direction that fought Wars decades before we were ever born!

We have our Freedom because of these people refuse to give up on our country and everything it stands for! Never give up, never stop fighting and remember we are a country with freedom for all.

This is the part where I nominate three blogs to join me in the challenge.. My nominees are:

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Thanks again Ann for the challenge! I look forward to tomorrow’s Quote :)

For the love of Waffles…A mom’s enjoyment of her new found independence

You mean this  waffle

Kids grow at the speed of light and I have often wished for my kids to stay little for just a little bit longer. Once I told oldest to  please stop growing, that I don’t want her to grow up yet. It’s funny how kids quote you and the things that stick with them because months later when her grandmother said something about growing up a then 4yo said ” But Mommy said we can’t get bigger!” “We can’t get too big or tall! Yeah she said that and I loved her for it. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t stop the vertical train!

This is the part where I begin to confuse you because guess what? It can be a good thing for your kids to get a little older, wiser and yes taller! Saturday morning I began to brew my favorite cup of dark roast blend and sat at my computer per usual Saturday morning Routine. I usually awaken a little before the kids and get my morning going. Not on purpose folks! Sheesh I would love to sleep in but my internal alarm says Hell No! anyways, I digress.

The 7yo woke up first as usual and then it was the 2yo’s turn to rise with the sunshine. I got him out of bed and sat him on the couch with his equivalent to caffeine! Good ole cup of premium white cows milk! Sitting back down to enjoy my coffee and the oldest says she is hungry and begins to make herself some waffles! Did you hear that???? She made her own breakfast and 2yo was not far behind. Guess what? She made his breakfast too without even asking. She just promptly made him some waffles and set his plate in front of him with a fork people!

I don’t know if it was the light shining just right but she suddenly became my favorite child! Yep, I didn’t have to make breakfast Saturday morning at all and was able to read some blogs while those two enjoyed tasty waffles. In this moment I realized just how much she is maturing and becoming such a good helper. She’s not a baby anymore no matter how much I try to keep her that way.

So see, it’s not such a bad thing for your kids to get a little older and more independent. My 5yo has been able to buckle her own seat belt for the past few months and let me tell ya, My back thanks her! Climbing in the back of a mini van to buckle a seatbelt is not for the weak people! Especially when you have to crawl over what should be the inside of a well stocked toy box to get to it! This is what heaven feels like.

2yo is completely potty trained! He is out of pull ups even at bedtime! Can you hear that, it’s the sound of angels rejoicing! It’s like a whole pay raise once you finally have to stop buying diapers. I still buy the wipes though, because you know kids and all!

So there you have it folks. Just remember when you feel sad about them growing up and losing that cute little baby fat, that it will make your life much easier when they gain a little independence of their own. I am certainly enjoying it ;)

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Mummy and Monkeys

Stolen Moments..

It has been a challenge to spend time with the hubby lately. Hmm.. With three kids go figure . Every day is a challenge, every day we have kids screaming,crying, and fighting. With kids as young  and close in age as ours it is just the new normal. It is stressful. exhausting and mentally draining all at the same time. Add a couple of girls in your bed every night and well, you get the point.

Last night I cam home from a long work week to the husband using his new grill to make us a steak dinner! I knew that grill was worth every penny! you see it has been a long time since he has just made dinner for me. It has been a long time since he has taken the time to surprise me. Something that before kids, he used to do all the time. We are exhausted after all.

While he made dinner I made some homemade guacamole and went to the store to buy some tortilla chips. It felt like we were in a true partnership. We are each a functioning part of the team and neither one of us can do this without the other. I see single moms or military wives who have no choice but to do this parenting thing on their own and I remember  how blessed I am to 10178071_1008375865863655_3045373175708867583_nhave him.

Untitled designIt’s funny the way love and admiration sneaks up on you in those simple moments. It’s not the grand gestures but the every day moments. It was Fathers Day that I watched my husband putting together his new grill with his handy 2yo little partner right next to him that I thought to myself. I love this man!

It was last night as we were sitting at the Kitchen table together eating our steak diner while ignoring all the chaos around us that I thought, I love him! This moment right here when we chose to sit together, eat and have a conversation instead of running to the aid of the sounds of war n the other room, this moment I say I love him.

These stolen moments do not happen often but in a world where stress can get the better of you, I am thankful that I love him! What stolen moments have you had lately?

Every Day Mom Link up 6-27-15

Evry day mom badge

I am sitting here with my glass of wine at 11 o clock at night writing this post! I am in need of some blog therapy ;) So I figured I better knock this Every Day Link  up post out of the way, and I can’t wait for another week! We had a great turn out last week and I even found some new Facebook pages to like!

I hope you guys enjoyed all the great posts as much as I did!

I really enjoyed this post by Grubbs and Critters! She gives us a cute post on nothing being more important than hugs and kisses! As a mom of a 7yo who is too old for that I can totally relate to this one! Thankfully I have a 5yo and 2yo who still gives me hugs and kisses when I get home :) You can read that post by clicking on the picture below.