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Okay guys, I promise to get out of my funk soon! I am going to work on some posts today. In the mean time add your link to the link up and enjoy the party! We all have our parenting moments that well are less than perfect so why not share. Misery loves company and we all need to feel supported! Here is the link ladies!


Feature posts from the Every Day mom Link up!

We had a great turn out this week and I loved reading all the posts! Here are a few of my favorites and I hope you all enjoy them! Go ahead and give them a look!

  1. thmb54f2bd4a423b8 April’s post on the frustrations of homeschooling really shed light on the work put in to homeschooling your kids. It requires a lot of patience but hey like any mom we sometimes have to show tough love!
  2. thmb54ef37c2d4f26 Cassie’s post on forgotten first will leave you needing a box of tissues. I always wished my grandmother had the chance to meet my kids so this post really hit home for me!
  3. thmb54ef2b6e30e29 Brittany is a mom who loves to stay fit and enjoys the outdoors! She inspires me with every post! Just look at her skiing with that baby! How awesome is that!

Thank you to all the participants and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for this Thursday!

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If We Were Having Coffee



If we were having coffee I would order a grande triple hazelnut latte and pick a booth near the back so we can talk without distraction. I would begin by telling you that I have lost it, I have lost my blogging mojo!

I sit and try to write and the words seem to fail me. I start and I delete, and I start and delete. It’s been frustrating to feel as if you have nothing to say when you know you have everything to say.

I would tell you that I felt depressed and blue from the end of last week to the beginning of this week. My mom took me to breakfast Tuesday to cheer me up and we had a great time. I don’t get to see her as often as I want with the kids and busy schedules. I would tell you that sometimes even as a grown woman I still need my mom sometimes and Tuesday was definitely that day.

I would tell you that my interviews on Friday were great and the best I have had so far and that it scares me to death that even with how great they went there is always a possibility that I didn’t do good enough or that someone could have been better.  I’m a never count your chickens before they hatch kind of girl but it did feel like I kind of belonged there, so here is to hoping for good news on Monday!

I haven’t written a TTOT post in a few weeks and I desperately need to. The dark clouds in my life are starting to get me down as the future is still unknown. I will write one next week, I promise.

I would tell you that the Every Day mom link up has been awesome and I look forward to every week when different bloggers share their posts! It has been wonderful how successful the party has been and I hope for its continued growth!

I would have a little cough here and there as the 2yo and myself are suffering from awful head colds! The head congestion has been miserable but thankfully we have not had any fever so is most likely sever sinus infections. My kids unfortunately suffer from seasonal allergies as much as I do, but we are making our way to the mend.

I would then tell you that I just unloaded a shit ton of information on you and ask how you were doing, and hoping that you can distract me from the constant ball of stress that I have been lately. Once we finished our coffee I would say bye and ask for a margarita night soon!

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Every Day Mom Link up party 2-26-15

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Its Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time for the Every Day mom Link up Party! I don’t know about you but I look forward to this day all week long now! Sorry I have been MIA the last few days, I have been a Debbie downers but my spirit is lifting and I will highlight my favorite posts from last week soon! I just have been feeling a little blah! Nothing that a few great posts from !you all can’t cure!

A few reminders: make sure to use the inlinkz form at the bottom to add your post. Once you do then browse the other great posts and comment. I did buy a subscription in inlinkz so you can now add pictures which always looks more appealing :) Without further ado, I bring you the party! Enjoy!

Today I wanted to run


Today was the day that I wanted to run away. I wanted to run, anywhere just far,far away. Maybe it was the because I was in the throes of a replicated civil war like feud with the kids all day. Leaving me to feel like it was the north s. the south, me vs. them.  Some days motherhood is nothing short of amazing and others your just thankful that you all ended in one piece. Today is one of those days. Fair warning, you are about to read the rantings of an exhausted, sleep deprived mother who feels enslaved to the needs of her children.

From the moment these ungrateful sweet little darlings of mine awakened it has been mommy I need this and I need that. Not just the normal need stuff but the whiny kind of behavior that makes you want to knock the shit out of them,give them a hug and tell them it will all be okay.

After two hours of non stop whining, fussing and sibling spats I decided we were going to play outside and get some fresh air. This started pretty good and the kids played well together allowing me a minute to go back inside and clean the kitchen. Except those little monsters kids decided to go back and forth and back and forth until the sound of the sliding glass door felt like nails on a chalkboard to me and I was ready  to whoop some ass. Then a bee must have been outside because all three kids came running screaming that there was a bee. imagine that a bee outdoors huh.

Starting lunch the kids asked what I was making, so I told them fish. Well you would have thought I was telling them that I was making raw sushi or something. OOh that’s disgusting, they wanted fish sticks! uggh so I went ahead and made fish sticks. I did not feel like yet another battle over lunch.

The husband came home at 2pm and I was ready to get the hell out of dodge. except I hadn’t showered, brushed my teeth or anything so that first. then I went to Target and sat in the Starbucks cafe drinking a latte in peace before getting the last few items needed for dinner.

Once home it was more whining, nagging exhausting behavior and then time to make dinner. Which would be fine except I was making tacos and you guessed it the kids said it was gross. Deciding that this day had already gone to hell I told the kids that they had to try it before they could have anything else to eat. You would have thought I was killing them! Full on wailing, screaming and 5yo was the worst! Kicking, screaming and just not having it! What kids do not like tacos?

That was it, I had reached my breaking point. Informing the hubby that he was now I kid duty I cleaned the kitchen and locked myself in my bedroom. He can handle them, I am all done. If they see mommy then they want mommy to get everything. The hubby offered to get 5yo her milk and she screamed no mommy do it!

So now, with my feet killing me, my eyes heavy, the house a complete disaster 9(except for the kitchen) I am done, y white flag is waived in surrender. Motherhood is exhausting and tiresome, and I do not have to love it every minute of the day. Today we merely survived and that has to be enough. I have given all I can today.

Some may wonder if I am worried about my kids reading this when they are older and you know what I will encourage them to do so. This feeling of frustration needs to be seen. They need to know that it is okay to be stressed, frustrated and exhausted. It’s how we choose to handle these situations that makes up out character. As much as I wanted to I do not yell, lose my temper or self-control. There were times when it could have easily happened. Instead I cared for and loved them. I kissed boo boos, and made sure they were fed and well cared for. Once I reached the point of no return I gave it al over to the husband and closed the door. Now relaxing to the soothing sounds of Ed Sheeran.

tomorrow is another day and I am grateful for that. Today I survived the throes of motherhood and all its ugliness. If anyone ever says motherhood does not have an ugly said needs to come to my house, and if they believe that then they are lieing to themselves because it’s there. My aching feet and dark circles that forever sit underneath my eyes serve as the battle scars from today. Tomorrow is another day and thank the lord for that!

Car rider confessions

I don’t know about you, but getting three kids awake, dressed, fed and out the door to be on time for school is a little more than challenging. One would think that once you are in the car then all is well! Uggh well not in this house.

I have to get 2yo in the car first. Him and all of his stuff. that equates to two mickies and one blanket! But not just any blanket, the blanket! It’s his crib blanket that he has grown quite attached to! This kid couldn’t just pick a nice small baby blanket could he? No, he had to pick the biggest must fluffiest blanket to carry and I have to figure out some way to wrap my arms around his blanket all those damn mickey mouse toys as well as him, to carry him to the car all without dropping him.

Next is 7yo, she is older and  a little easier to handle. so we just walk to the car together. I like that, ease peasy as she would say.

Next is 5yo who happens to also be the most stubborn child on the planet. I must wait patiently for her to pick which toys to take to preschool and load them into her backpack. Never mind that I have already put it in the car, I must go back and get it out of the car and bring it back to the house or we will have a category meltdown, and in those still famous words ain’t nobody got time for that! So next we brush hair and go to the car,  get her buckled and oh yes, we need to potty now and hell hath no fury like a child who needs to potty! so back in the house we go!

Finally we are done, and back into the car! Just as I am pulling out of the drive way 5yo begins to cry because she wants a blanket, because she is cold. Why you ask? Because she refuses to wear any damn pants to cover her legs. You think I’m kidding, she only wears dresses and skirts and refuses to wear socks. Oy this kid is stubborn.

Okay so now that I have one crying kid, 7yo decides to ask me about her fundraiser packet! Thanks public school for that one, and since we do not participate in those I told her we did not put in her backpack. you would thin I had told her the dog dies because that child began to cry like there was no tomorrow. she’s a bit sensitive this one. I refer to it as in tuned with her emotions. anyhoo, all I kept hearing between sobbing mumbles was that she was going to be the only kid who doesn’t get a prize! Well, shit I will take you to the dollar store geez!

Next it’s 2yo who decides to start wailing that his eyes hurt! eyes hurt momma, eyes hurt!  I had to take off my sunglasses to hand over so he would stop, or so I thought!  Here I am, can’t see and that kid starts wailing again, His stupid blanket fell to the ground, so blindly I try to find it while driving, and can’t see because he has my sunglasses. don’t you want to be on the road with me now! I find the blanket and then Mickey #1 falls and crying begins again.

That’s it I resign and let him continue to cry. Once all three kids are dropped off, all I peaceful again. Whew! I’m exhausted before the day has even began and now I need some coffee! Starbucks here I come!  Am I the only one? Please tell me your car rider stories before I feel like a complete failure as a parent lol!

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Saving lives through Compassion

It’s amazing what fire one blogger can light! Yvonne Spence asked us a question and she quickly received results. The question is simple. Can we get 1000 bloggers to write of compassion on February 20th! Share the joy, the empathy and kindness that others need to see, hear and feel. Let’s make this world a better place by sharing a little compassion and see what can happen!

Well Yvonne I can say well done! You have not only been able to rally the troops so to speak but we are a force of nature ready to share our stories of love, kindness and the gift of compassion.

I have thought about writing this post in many different ways and decided to share a story from my younger self as a floor nurse. I have many stories of compassion over the years but this is by far the one that holds in my heart daily. It is the very reason why I still choose nursing as my profession of choice.

My story is simple. I have been a registered nurse for eleven years and while it is easy to become harden from the grim circumstances that nurses face each day, we choose to remember why we became nurses or why we choose to keep doing this profession to begin with.

I was at the age of 22 when I met a man who needed heart surgery.  I was his nurse and he spoke minimal English and to my surprise was refusing to have surgery. When every physician, or practictioner was ready to give up on him, I chose to sit by his bed and ask the question why. Holding his hand he explained that he couldn’t pay for the surgery and needed to work. He simply could not stop working for the time required to recover from surgery as he was the sole provider and needed to take care of his ladies. ( His wife and daughters)

As ears filled my eyes, as well as his I uncharacteristically explained that his reasons were unacceptable. I had seen the way this family had looked at this an, they loved him and not because he could feed them or provide them with money! they loved him for him and needed him healthy or his illness would over time kill him.

As he sat and listened to me talk about his family and the love they have for one another he cried. He loved his family more than anything and did not want to die. Then he did something that surprised me, he grabbed my hand and said ” Tell me what to do”. Smiling at him I said I cannot tell you what to do but I think you already know the answer to that question. Just look inside your heart  and follow what it is telling you.  The next thing I knew, I was on the phone with the physician and surgery had been scheduled for the following day.

I was blessed enough to have this patient the next morning only briefly as he was scheduled early and on his way out, he asked the transporters to stop. Reaching for my hand with tears in his eyes, he says what every nurse wants to hear but very rarely hear. “Thank you for saving my life”

Compassion comes in many different forms and many different ways. it can be in written form as a simple thank you, I’m so sorry, or I love you. it can be with a simple gesture from a nurse who just wants to help her patient live and make an informed decision. It can be in the form of giving a homeless person something to eat. One thing is for certain, Compassion and kindness can change the world. it can make the ugly seem beautiful, provide hope in the eye of despair, it can save lives. Share your compassion stories and help us change the outlook of others in a world where negativity and despair live. Unit with us as we spread the power of love, courage and conviction and maybe just maybe your spirits can be uplifted like mine has just by writing this post!