Every Day Mom link up 2-8-16

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Hope ya’ll enjoyed your weekend. We spent yesterday prepping and cooking for our annual super bowl party. Great friends, great food and what’s not to love :)

Lit momma gave us a post reminding us to pat ourselves on the back. Great post! If you want to give it a read, click here.

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Every Day mom Linkup 1-31-16

Evry day mom badge February is soon upon us. When did that happen? This week I have spent my time taking care of sick kids and completing homework assignments. Thank you to all who shared a post last week, there were some great ones! The theme seemed to be mommy needs some alone time. I feel the same way. I do not want to be touched non stop. Here are some of my favorite posts from last weeks link up!

thmb56a91fda32519Crumbs off the table gave us a funny post on potty training. Check it out and I promise you will laugh hysterically.




Sarah gave us a post titled I love you, now please stop touching me. I have to say I have been there and stay there almost daily. A girl needs her space. thmb56a55342b8e44

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losing friends, gaining new ones and a sleepover request

I received a note from 8yo’s teacher confirming what he had hoped would not happen. 8yo’s best friend in class has moved away and finally switched schools. Her teacher wanted me to know because 8yo has been so happy since she made a friend in class. She has been understanding about her ocd tendencies and anxiety. She wanted me to know she was concerned and to let her know if there was anything she could do to help. I love her, for this note. I love her patience and understanding. 8yo just does not make lots of friends. She typically clings to one. She vales true friendship versus having a lot of friends who really aren’t good friends.

She seems to be doing ok with this news, but has clinged to her younger sister and wants to play with her more now. Last week she began talking about a little girl we will call T. T, was in her Kindergarten class and remains in after school care with 8yo. She has not spoken much of her this year in second grade but she did come to 8yo’s birthday party. She is asking if T, can come over for a sleepover. I have mixed feelings over this request. At the birthday party this little girl was perfectly mannered and sweet. She truly was a delight. So what is the problem? 8yo tells me that sometimes T, says things like ” nobody likes me, I should just go kill myself!”  no doubt something she has heard on t.v. or in her own home.

At the birthday party in November, the mom dropped off T and made no effort to get to know us. She looked at us, and said “so two hours?” I nodded and then she was gone. Maybe if she had taken the time to get to know us and vice versa then I would feel a little better about this.

I have a rule about sleepovers though. My girls can have friends here, but cannot sleep over at anyone else’s house that we do not know. They have slept over at a close friends house a couple of times but I do not let them otherwise sleep at other’s houses except for my sister in law’s. I would hate to have the girl over and then she expects 8yo to come to her house. 8yo knows the rules and understands it, but others might get their feelings hurt.

I have also considered multiple girls sleepover like three total. Then it could be a fun party and would be more that just focusing on the one girl. I have no idea how to go about hosting a little girl sleepover though, and not sure I have the stamina to stay up with a handful of eight year olds, but am willing to try.

So, my question is this. What would you do? Let the little girl come over?

Every Day Mom Link up 1-24-15


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It’s Sunday and I do no know where the week has gone. This one is going to have to be short and sweet as we are busy taking down our Christmas decorations. yep you read that right. We are one of those people who have not taken their Christmas decorations down yet!

Thank you to everyone who joined the link up last week. Every post was shared on twitter,so hopefully you get a few extra readers!

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Fever and Bath tub Poop

Waking up to a little person crawling into bed with me and  a warm little hand touching my face saying “mommy it’s morning.” Instinctively I pulled him close and we just laid there cuddling, no words necessary. Just a short while later and the husband asked how I got him to cuddle for so long. I explained to him that I didn’t think he felt good. My response was simple.. Mommies just know these things, this is motherhood.

Sitting on the couch rocking him back and forth. His head lying on my chest with my chin pressed to his hot little forehead. It feels like 101. Not wanting to get the thermometer yet, as he needs my comfort. Isn’t it amazing how the mere touch of our children and actually know their temperature, no thermometer needed. …This is motherhood.

The husband is gone to work and while still rocking little buddy, mini -me decides she needs a bath. Asking her to wait, while I take care of buddy, she begins to wail. Letting her cry for a few minutes, I decide it’s easier to just put her in the bath. So while carrying 3yo to the bathroom we get her bath ready. It will keep her occupied after all…This is motherhood.

Finally check temperature and giving him medicine for his yep.. 101 degree temperature, we settle back on the couch rocking back and forth, back and forth. This is motherhood.

Rocking buddy to the point he is almost asleep, and I hear the words ” MOMMY!! There is POOP in THE Bathtub!!!!” Shit ( no pun intended) , she just pooped in the bath tub!.. Yep, this is motherhood too…

Every Day Mom Link up 1-17-15

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This week has been full of school assignments so I have not been on the blogosphere sorry about that, but I did finally read all of your posts this morning. The three year old has a fever so we spent much of this morning cuddling and now that he is napping, I can get this post up for you guys!

thmb569639ee987ebI really enjoyed this post by Charlie at Mum On a Mission. This is a situation I think we can all relate too.



Chaos seemed to be the theme this week and Whitney gave us a look into the messiness of thmb5692ec258dc96motherhood!  let’s just face it, we have all wanted to run away at some point.

thmb5692c2529b34aLastly, Autumn gave us a look into things that will not wake up her toddler. I laughed a little because sometimes a freight train could not wake up my little ones.


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Every Day Mom Link up 1-10-2016


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This week has been spent getting back into the school routine for me and the kids. I am taking two classes at once this semester and so far it seems manageable. I have been working on bits and pieces of homework each night after the kids go to bed, so far it is working out. The kids are glad to be back in school, but the 6yo has been falling asleep on the couch every night. She is exhausted. Hopefully this week will be a little better.

We had so any great posts this past week and I hope you all come back this week! There were 19 posts added to the link up which is awesome!

thmb5689af345da1aI really like this post by life, Kids and a glass of Red! I can relate to wishing for a tantrum free anything, check out her humorous post about Christmas Day! Click here to read her post :)


Another post I really enjoyed was van by the river’s post about her thmb56894c4b8ac8cdaughter going away to college. I just can’t even describe the emotions I felt while reading her post.  The thought of my three kids leaving for College just brings tears to my eyes, and I just can’t.. Click the here to read this great post :)


thmb568d712c1893eNext Mum on a mission gave us a wonderful post on the Joy’s of the New Year. I liked how she points out that everyone will go through ups and downs and brings her faith into the message. Check her post out, you will love it!


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