If we were having cofee 5-1-16


If we were having coffee, I would apologize for my absence lately. It has been over two months since my last blog post. I would say let’s sit and catch up.

I doubled up on my classes last semester and that is largely the reason I dropped off the blogosphere. Taking full time courses while working full time and childrearing full time. Well.. That’s a lot of full time gigs for one person and something had to go. Naturally it was the one thing that I do for myself. This here blog. I was barely meeting my deadlines and somehow managed to pull off an A in all four classes. Some people say it doesn’t matter as long as you pass, but for anyone who know me an A is the only grade that will do. I am on a two week break then it is back at it, but this time I am only taking two classes total. The classes are 8 week courses, so it will end up being only on class at a time. Graduation is in December and all this work will finally be worth it. I wish I had done this right after I graduated from nursing school, but here I am getting my bachelor’s twelve years later.

WE have been deep in the throes of childrearing at this house, and it has been quite stressful. The tantrums, fits and constant sibling fighting have had me want to run for the hills. A  little over a week ago , I texted a friend that I was ready to run away. A the time I was trying to get 6yo to go to bed while she was having a full on meltdown. We have had several of those lately, where she will not explain her feelings and just melt down for hours. Crying, screaming and mostly when she is tired or she just simply did’t get her way. She had her tear duct surgery on her eye, and we are hoping that it worked. So far, she has not had any drainage in the eye. Only time will tell.

The 3yo has wet the bed the last two nights. He is usually not a bed wetter and I think constipation is most likely the reason. However, I am glad that he wet the bed. Only because it was a reason for me to scoop him up ( after changing him of course) and let him rest with me for the past two nights. It gave me a chance to listen to him breathing at night and I don’t like what I hear. 3yo has always been a loud snorer, and he was too little to do anything about it. He has large tonsils, and most likely adenoids. I could never tell if he actually had problems breathing while sleeping, and now I can say yes he does. He des sleep apnea, so I will be getting him an ENT consult in the morning.

The 8yo Is doing good. She has more good days than bad, but there are still days where you can see the anxiety on her face. She  sat up the other night, and I could tell she was worrying about something. I tried to get her to open up, but she wouldn’t tell me what it is. As a parent, the worst feeling in the world is feeling helpless to your children. Her OCD and anxiety just cause her to shut down sometimes. Hopefully the counseling will help in time.

Work has been great and  I can honestly say that I love my job. Every now and then, things just work out the way they are supposed to be. Now if I can just finish school, all would be right:)

Now that I have updated  you, I would ask about you. What’s new with you and yours?


Every Day Mom Link up 2-21-16

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It’s Sunday, which means  new  week of linking up at the Every Day mom link up! I almost didn’t post this week but thought better of it. An old coworker  posted on FB about an incident at a local pet store. There was a man approaching families with kids, and asking to take their pictures with the puppies. he didn’t work there and didn’t buy anything. When he approached her family, she told him no but he asked again. This time she firmly said no pictures and he moved on. It is scary to think of what that man is going to do with those pictures. The ones where the parents let him take of their kids.

This incident has left me wondering about my blog and the fact that I am no longer comfortable sharing pictures of my kids here. So, I have decided to continue with the blog , but no longer share pictures of my children. It at this point is what I am comfortable with.

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When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Dale Carnegie (1)

The monotony of every day child rearing can be challenging, exhausting and ultimately make you feel as if the life is being sucked right out of you. Each obstacle requires a new energy that you just do not feel is left in you. Sometimes making you feel as if you just might crumble in to  pieces to never return whole again.

We muddle through mundane, after school activities, homework, dinner and bath time. All of these moments just seemingly ordinary. What we forget is that the ordinary is the extraordinary and we just have to open our eyes to see the positive rays of energy around us. In other words, you are doing good job mom!

If you have followed my blog, then you know that  8yo struggled with OCD tendencies and symptoms of depression due to MTHFR, and the 6yo has been struggling with learning her sight words and reading in Kindergarten. Each of these challenges requiring a very different kind of energy from myself and my husband.

We have had to work hard, making sure to spend extra time on the weekends reading and finding creative ways for the 6yo to enjoy reading and memorizing these words. Before Christmas she had learned 50% of the sight words she was introduced to.  We were even given a letter stating that she could possibly be held back in Kindergarten for this very reason.

Every two weeks the 8yo has a counseling session help her learn coping techniques with her OCD tendencies. She is also learning how to recognize her emotions and learning to deal with emotions in a productive way. Needless to say, ensuring that she makes to therapy every two weeks and the sessions themselves are daunting.

These obstacles have left me feeling frustrated, exhausted and as if I just might crumble into pieces. At any given time I am trying to be the best mom I can be, the best wife, daughter, employee while giving 100% every time. It’s exhausting.

Stay with me because  here is where the darkness turns into light. I decided to take Friday off work to enjoy 8yo’s play and spend time in the classroom with her. After the play, I went and bought some surprise cupcakes for her class. When I returned to her class, she had the biggest smile on her face yelled excitedly ” you didn’t tell me you were bringing cupcakes!” To most people, this is a normal child reaction when they are excited, but for my daughter this was extraordinary. Her normal flat affect is changing and improving. She was excited and I could have cried right there, but I didn’t. I sat those cupcakes down and played with my daughter and her friends.

Her teacher and I talked for a bit and she explained how wonderful g. Shed friends with a boy who has a speech impairment and no friends. She then tells me how compassionate 8yo is. That she is always looking out for the lowest man on the totem pole.8yo is also going to be screened for gifted studies soon. She is performing better than anyone in her class and reads out loud to her class daily..See extraordinary.

After lunch, I  received a text message from the 6yo’s teacher saying to have a good weekend. Attached was a picture of the 6yo’s most recent reading assessment. She is now recognizing 90% of her sight words. She is fine and no longer in jeopardy of retention. She has been selected as the student of the month for the entire Kindergarten population. See.. Extraordinary.

When you pay attention, there is extraordinary in the ordinary mundane life that is known as child rearing. It is hard work, but boy is it worth it. You are doing a great job mom! Keep at it, remember to take time for yourself when needed, and look for the extraordinary within. Now, I am at this moment going to play in the extraordinary blanket fort built by my kids. They have awesome imaginations.


Every Day mom link up-2-14-16

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day! The hubby gave me and the girls flowers and chocolates last night!  I may or may not have consumed an entire box of chocolates for dinner last night..

Valentine’s is always a special day for me. it was the day that my then boyfriend asked me to marry him. He bought hundreds of valentines, wrote on every one and filled them in a bag for me to open. Later that evening we rode in a horse carriage ride around downtown and then her proposed on the beach. We typically stay home on Valentines and enjoy diner at home, but I always think about that night.

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Passing Kindergarten…Finally

I walked into the parent teacher conference afraid and fearful. The six year old has been struggling with Kindergarten and we were meeting with the guidance counselor to discuss the possibility of retention. I had my plan.  I was going to yell at them and demand an IQ test. I was going to let them have it and ask for tutoring. I was going to blame them and say it was because they were not working with her enough. Reading should be fun and they were making it about passing the test instead of fostering an enjoyment for reading.

Upon entering the room, her teacher says, well, when we first scheduled this meeting she was only performing at 56% with sight word recognition. Now she is at 75%!!! So we really don’t need to go through this process now.

Throwing my hands in the air I yelled woohoo!! I’m passing Kindergarten ya’ll, then I felt a little frustrated. I had to use my lunch break at work to come all the way across town to be told, never mind. she’s doing good now. My next thought was who the hell cares, this is good news and we need to celebrate!

This year has been damn hard. I remember Kindergarten being fun and playing in centers and enjoying story time. This constant testing and memorizing sight words has me confused. Did we skip Kindergarten and go right to the first grade? There is an actual state regulation that if my Kindergartner cannot recognize 80% of her sight words, then she has to be held back and start all over again! It’s insane the amount of work and pressure these kids are put under.

Although, I have tried to shield her from the stress and anxiety I can help but wonder if she still despite my efforts feels nervous and worried. Around Christmas time she began to blink her eyes excessively and continues to do so now. We have an eye appointment for her, but I am quite worried that she has developed a tick.  The closet appointment we could get is next month, so I guess I will have an update on that in four weeks.

We have worked hard on sight words in the past month, so I am glad to see she has improved. I have bought hooked on phonics, letter magnets, and pain in hopes that getting a little creative will help her learn. I have even stopped going to Barnes and nobles after work to do homework on days that I have assignments due. instead, I have been coming home, helping with sight word memorization, and then completing homework after the kids are asleep. I am tired ya’ll, like damn tired. At this point it is safe to say that I am the one passing Kindergarten😉

For now, we will just continue to learn and pray the improvement continues and my sweet baby can move up to the first grade. Who knew that Kindergarten was so hard!


Every Day Mom link up 2-8-16

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Hope ya’ll enjoyed your weekend. We spent yesterday prepping and cooking for our annual super bowl party. Great friends, great food and what’s not to love:)

Lit momma gave us a post reminding us to pat ourselves on the back. Great post! If you want to give it a read, click here.

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Every Day mom Linkup 1-31-16

Evry day mom badge February is soon upon us. When did that happen? This week I have spent my time taking care of sick kids and completing homework assignments. Thank you to all who shared a post last week, there were some great ones! The theme seemed to be mommy needs some alone time. I feel the same way. I do not want to be touched non stop. Here are some of my favorite posts from last weeks link up!

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