Every Day Mom Link up 8-1-15

Evry day mom badgeI am sitting here with my cup of coffee wondering ” did August happen”. Seriously, when did August get here ? School starts in a few weeks and I am ready to get back into the routine.  So the next few weeks will be spent buying school supplies and new clothes in preparation for the kids return to school.

We had some great posts last week for the link up. Here are a few of my favorites!

thmb55b59fc658598Autumn gave us a great post on remembering what she wanted! Struggling with infertility and then finally getting that baby can truly be a blessing but id doesn’t mean that there aren’t stressful days. She decided to forget the housework and just be in the moment with her daughter and it was truly special :) Click on the picture of her beautiful daughter to read her post :)

thmb55bbfb9c0e96bNext April gave us a post on overcoming evil with good! I found her post inspiring and as always with a little humor. I am now thinking of my own list on how to spread good around :)

Now on to this weeks Link up! Remember you can link any post you like new or old just as long as you like, read and comment on at least two other blog posts! The goal is to get you all a little exposure and more importantly to find some new blogging friends :)

Every Day Mom Link up 7-26-15

Evry day mom badgeA day late and a dollar short! Sorry about that guys, Saturday slipped away from me. We had Ballet registration yesterday and then 7yo and I had a mommy and me day!

It is amazing what happens when you take a child away from her siblings and just have that quality time together. Let’s face it, you really can’t divide your time evenly between three kids so we make a conscious effort to spend alone time with each kid separately.

We went to target and picked out a new night-light, because you know I am tired of having two kids in the bed with me each night. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner. She talked my ear off the entire and I loved it! We chatted about pokemon, and school staring. She told me about her favorite parts of school, gong to the library of course ;). we laughed and enjoyed our dinner.

Next we walked around the mall and just talked and window shopped. She loves claire’s so we went into their and looked at all the fun jewelry and even bought her and her sister a sleep mask. That kid proudly took her mask and placed it on the top of her and walked the entire mall with it on her head! It was the cutest thing ever and she wore it like a boss lol!

What would a good date be without ice cream so that was next. We ate and then went home. Plugged in their new night lights and both girls stayed in their beds all night long!!! Woohoo!! Let’s hope this sticks because I am ready to lose my shit if I have to spend one more night with feet in my back.

Now that I have shared my Every Day mom moment with you it is to share yours. Add your link using the inlinkz form and then hop on over to read some fun posts! The rules are that simple.

A shout out to Life,Kids and a Glass of red for giving us a post on the dreaded dinner time! I know that dinner time is always a struggle in this house so it resonated with me in a big way. I too have tried everything and well sometimes you just have to say it is, what it is. Thanks for sharing :)

Now add your links and let’s have another week of fun shall we!



I started following Rara shortly before she was sent to prison. She hosted a wordpress Daily prompt and I instantly fell in love with her spirit and personality! Let’s show her that she has a place here on the blogosphere if and when she decides that she is ready :)

Originally posted on The Monster in Your Closet:

After fifteen months behind bars, Rara steps–or has already stepped–through the gate to freedom and mamasaur hugs today. Her husband won’t be there to meet her, but she will be surrounded by love nevertheless: in person, unrestrained, unrestrainable love.

A couple weeks ago, she wrote, “I feel as if I must be dead to the internet[.] Who out there even knows of me after 438 days?”

I’d like to join @matticusdj and @Card_Castles in asking you to show a little #RawrLove today. Rara might not see your messages today, or even in the next few days; when she does, they’ll be a lovely reminder that she remained vibrant in this space despite her physical removal from it. She didn’t have to keep typing here to keep filling up hearts.

All the same, I can’t wait for her to get typing again.

It’s time. Finally, thankfully,

it’s time.

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Every Day Mom Link up 7-18-15

Evry day mom badge

It’s our favorite time of the week again where we all share our favorite posts for the week! You can share old or new blog posts with the group! We love reading your family friendly stories. For those of you just joining us, we started this link up due to a post I wrote about being a normal, every day mom! The encouragement from that post made me think of this weekly feature in which every mom or dad can go, to feel supported and understood.

thmb55a29d0f745b5Last week I really enjoyed This post by The Ten Thousand Hour momma! She is due to have her baby any day now and peeper will be a big sister!

Now the rules are simple: Just add your post using the inlinkz form and enjoy the posts of all the other parents out there. Try to comment on at least two post because hey, that’s how a blog party works right? We want to discover new talent and meet some fun new people :)

Now on to the blogging fun! Let’s have a big week and share ,share, share!

Can you feel my love?


“mommy can I sleep next to you tonight?”  Of course you can I said as I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Part of me wanted to hold you and never let go, part of me wanted to cry and part of me wanted to yell and scream.

Today had been a particularly stressful day as 7yo had her routine physical. She did really well until it was time to look in her throat. Suddenly without warning my happy little girl began to cry uncontrollably. “I remember what I wanted to talk to you about!” I said to the physician’s assistant as she tried to examine my daughter’s throat.

7yo is incredibly sensitive and will cry over sometimes what seems like nothing to us but is quite obviously something to her. I have mentioned before that I was cautiously watching her behavior as there have been times I have caught her with tears down her eyes and no explanation as to why. appearing to come out of nowhere, I have just seen my daughter cry.

As I explained to the practitioner what her behavior is or can at times be and how often it occurs we discuss the need for an evaluation from a counselor. She explains that 7yo most likely is having anxiety and she can help provide her with techniques to cope. The whole time I am holding back tears of my own thinking what if it is something more.

What if my fun, sweet, smart little girl has something more going on in her head. What if counseling is not enough. I know I shouldn’t go to worse case scenario but I am a nurse. This is what we do! prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Except the worse scares the living shit out of me! Can my child at 7yo be depressed? can it be even worse than that?

There are times that I just look at think Can she feel my love? She doesn’t say I love you to me and my husband and I don’t think she ever has. She can be cuddly but it is the very rare occasion. Her nails are short and I rarely have to cut them because she picks at them, which is undoubtedly a nervous habit.

Does she know how truly amazing she is? She is so smart and beautiful. She reads at a fifth grade level and is quite the artist! I love displaying her art on any surface I can find. Can she feel how proud I am of her and the little person she is becoming?

Does she know that I would do anything to keep her safe? Does she feel safe? She can talk for hours about her pokemon characters or tell me about what she did that day, but when I ask her about her feelings she can’t or will not explain them. She will not tell me what makes her sad.

As I lay in bed with her sweet little head next to mine, I study her. Her long, curly blond hair that is turning just a shade darker than it used to be. Her long, thick eyelashes that catches everyone’s attention. Those cheeks that remind me of the day she was born. They are the same cheeks of that precious baby that I held over 7 years ago for the first time.

I looked at that baby with such pride in my heart. I knew right away that this girl would be beautiful, stubborn, independent, brave and a force all her own. I can say with the utmost of certainty that I was right. She is beautiful, stubborn, indepenedent and a force to be reckoned with. As I take my hand and rub her back with her eyes succumbing to the gentle touch I wonder to myself. Can she feel that? Can she feel my love?

I ask for your prayers as we go through her first counseling evaluation. I ask for your stories if you have gone through something similar. I know it could be worse and I am thankful that we are in a position to make sure that if something is going on, then we can take the time and energy to help her. My heart wants to believe that I am being paranoid and this is normal child behavior, but my gut says something differently. I just pray that the answers come soon and that we can provide her with tools to help her in situations where she feels scared or unsafe.

Most importantly I just hope that she feels my love…..

34 and Feeling Fabulous!

wpid-20150704_141413.jpgListening to a coworker complain about almost turning thirty and being “old” I couldn’t help but hide a smile. I never sweated turning 30 and now that I am one day shy of 34 I have to say one thing. Being in my 30’s is pretty freaking fabulous!

Your 20’s are about self discovery and learning where you fit in today’s productive society. It’s about growth and maturing. It’s not about having the best career or how quickly can you get to the top as most of today’s 20 somethings seem to think these days. It’s a spiritual journey that I am glad to leave behind.

Today I know where I am and where I am headed. In my 30’s I have more self-confidence as a woman, friend and mom. I know what I am and what I am not. My weaknesses no longer scare me. I know that my strengths make me who I am as equally as my weaknesses make me who I am. I am no longer afraid to admit my mistakes and use them as a learning opportunity every time!

Healthy debate no longer scares me and I in fact relish it! Healthy debate is how we better ourselves and the society that we live in. I can appreciate someone else’s beauty and strengths because they add a uniqueness to the situation rather than be envious of what I do not have or possess.

There is a campaign going around the blogosphere called #BeREal and although I may be a day late to the party I can’t help but join in to celebrate my upcoming birthday. The above picture is me with no filter. Before I seen the awesome post by Lizzi Rogers… I had played with different filters and enhancements because we all want to look our best right?

But after reading her powerful post, I decided to leave it be and just let you see me. So here it is, the real me.

The real me wears make up so most of my pictures I am in make up. The real me has freckles and I love them! In my 20’s they always made me self-conscious but now, they are just a part of me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

The real me likes red hair so I dye It red once every two months. My birth color is brown in case you were wondering. although it has not been that color for many years.

The real me at the age of 34 has a few strands of grey hair and I am okay with that.

The real me loves to read and would much rather sit in a quiet room or outside surrounded by nature and read a great story rather than go to a party with lots of people.

The real me knows how to network and socialize but would rather be alone for an hour  in order to recharge.

The real me has big dreams for my career but will only act on them if her family is stable enough to do so. I will not sacrifice my family for a career.

The real me loves purple! it’s my favorite color,..I hate pink but tolerate it due to having two little girls because you know.. you have to!

The real me is afraid of failing at motherhood. I see what so many go trough with their children and feel as if it could be us and it terrifies me.

The real me loves Disney World!!! It’s my favorite place to go :)

The real me rocks driving the mini van and it doesn’t bother me one bit to not have a sporty car. My kids would ruin it anyway.

The real me has a messy house! This type A personality has a messy house due to her three little hurricanes and I can’t keep up with it! Beware if you come over unannounced because hey, it is what it is!

The real me has control issues and I am not afraid to admit that I am a work in progress.

The real me hates to go fishing, camping or anything outdoorsy. Except sitting on a beach or tropical island. I like that.. But for the record I would absolutely go camping if my kids wanted to or if there was air conditioner then that could work.

The real me loves Pizza and can eat a whole large by myself!

Here I am world! A  Red headed, freckle faced, pizza loving 34-year-old woman who wouldn’t change any of it!

34 and Fabulous1 _BeReal

Every Day Mom Link up 7-11-15

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As I sit here and drink my coffee I am reminded to post the link up! I was up till midnight cleaning my house and making it livable again! uggh! Everyone does that right, because there just is no point in cleaning when the kids are awake. Too bad my internal alarm clock would not let me sleep past 6am…

Any ways I hope you all have a great weekend and link up to out every day mom blog party! This post is for dad’s too! Just link up any parenting piece that you want to share and read some other blogs while you are at it! Spread the word because we love having a big turn out to the party. It is always so much fun  read each others work. It’s short and sweet today, so I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your posts :)