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Those Scandalous Vaccines! Celebrities should keep their opinion to themselves!

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The latest trend in celebrity moms has started to grow! You know the one I am talking about. The anti-vaccines bandwagon! Kristen Cavallari recently had an interview at fox news in which she admitted that she does not vaccinate her children. Stating that she has read too many books, and that there are studies. Which  I find very interesting. Which Books Kristen? which studies are you referencing  to? Unfortunately until last night I really didn’t know who Kristen cavallari is, and then BOOM!  She is all over the internet and blogosphere.  She has now reached yet another 15 minutes of fame! With that said, my issue is not that she has an opinion, just that such an important decision was so publicly spoken. Even though she claims that she was bombarded and never meant to come out as a mom who is anti-vaccines. Well Kristen and all other celebrity moms,  whether you like it or not,you  are  placed on this giant  pedestal! Americans tend to   Idolize  and worship you!Your opinions are taken to heart as the holy grail at times. Especially when it comes to young mothers. So to mothers who have  read the Jenny McCartney’s and Kristen Cavallari’s out there. My plea to you is this. Look at the   research,  look at scientific facts  and then make  the decision if vaccinating is right for your family. These vaccinations were created to help eradicate illnesses that have led to death in children as well as adults.

As a nurse I obviously feel strongly to vaccinate my children, however that decision was made after doing my own researching and looking at proven scientific facts from credible sources. Kristen said that she read too many books on autism and I would love to know what books, and read the case studies that helped her come to the conclusion to not vaccinate her children.  With that said, Here are some snippets of what   I have uncovered when conducting my own  research in deciding whether or not to vaccinate my children:

  • According to the CDC  there is no  link between vaccinations and autism. They show many scientifically researched case studies that show no linkage of vaccines to autism. In fact the CDC recommends vaccines at the regularly recommended schedule.
  • There is a myth that thimerosal causes autism, however thimerosal was removed from most vaccines or used in trace amounts in the influenza vaccine  in 2001, yet the rate of autism has had over a 25% increase since 2006.
  • In 2013 there were 134 reported cases of the measles according to, Which means that this illness that can lead to death is still viable in the U.S and is even more prevalent in other countries, especially underdeveloped ones.
  • The website autism speaks actually states that they strongly encourages  that parents have their children vaccinated to prevent serious diseases. Hmm maybe those 134 cases of measles perhaps.
  • The Autism Society says that there is no single cause of autism, but that brain scans show that the brain has a different shape and structure in those with autism furthering the theory that there is a genetic component to causing autism.

Now, I personally feel that every parent has the right decide what is best for  his/her children.  However to be a celebrity and to state that there are too many books that suggest a link between vaccinations and autism is just clumsy and absent-minded. It’s the same reason that I believe celebrities should keep their opinions on politics to themselves. Now that is  for a whole other blog post. But the moral is the same. For some, these celebrities are the source of truth, when in reality they are not scientist and researchers and are not qualified to state that a vaccine is the cause of Autism.

Scientific research overwhelmingly disproves this theory by a landslide,  of course that is in my very  own unsolicited opinion. Since I have done my research on Kristen as well, I ask you. Are you going to let a woman whose fifteen minutes of fame was attributed to a reality show in which she was paid to fight with her best friend help you decide whether or not to vaccinate your children?  Or are you going to look at the research yourself and make your own decision based on scientific facts and research? For America’s sake I certainly hope it is the latter!


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