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Am I a waitress or a nurse?

nurse week


( This will be my last nurse week post I promise more kiddie posts soon!)



Am I a waitress or a nurse? Well the answer is that we are many things in the eyes of our patients. Sometimes we are a waitress, sometimes a housekeeper, and sometimes we wish we could be their bartender. As nurses we are so much more than medication pushers. We offer a warm smile, a friendly face when they are scared. We also monitor vital signs,respiratory status. We keep I.V. sites patent, because let’s face it, there are no other options for a site, so this one has to last! We calculate heparin drips to keep them alive and safe, we notify the physician of any status changes. Even though we are nurses, we are more than that in the eyes of our patients.For the patient that we sit and watch the BIG GAME WITH  because he doesn’t have any family to visit him, we are his angels, his support system. When we return to his room after checking on out other patients briefly, he smiles and says ” What took you so long.” He has now become our angel. We learn how to perfectly position our patients to limit pain with an extensive decubitus on their bottom, because the other way hurts just a little too much. To the patient who will soon  meet the lord, and the family just hasn’t made it to the hospital in time, we hold her hand and tell her that we love her and her family loves her, and that it is okay to let go. To that patient, we are serenity, peace and comfort. As you see, we as nurses are so many things. If you find yourself asking the question “am I just a waitress” Remember a waitress can’t be a nurse, but you are a nurse that wears many hats. Being a nurse is the greatest blessing that god has given you, because you are so much more to our patients, and for that I am truly thankful!

” They may never forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou






I am a wife of ten years, mom of three, Nurse and student! My household is quite chaotic and busy. With a six year old going on sixteen. we shall call her "Sassy", a four year old, who is stubborn as a mule, she shall be called " mini me", and a one year old, we will call "Buddy". Our girls do Ballet, and our son, well he is all boy! Very curious and always getting in to something. When we found out we were having a boy i laughed and said " god must have known we needed a little less diva in our life," Ha, little boys are quite the handful! I love my kids with all of my heart, and i love my job too! As a nurse leader i get to see many sides to healthcare and help encourage and guide new nurses. I love taking care of patients and being able to have grown up talk and then come home to my babies. The house is usually chaotic with lots of tantrums, and messes, but i wouldn't change it for a bit. On the rare occasion that i am able to have some spare time to myself, i like to read, bake and decorate cakes, and take pictures of my kiddos. Time to myself is rare so i decided to start this blog to have a creative outlet and connect with other working moms, who might be going through the same situations as myself. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and stories as a mom, student, wife and Nurse! These stories will range from Diapers and tutus to meetings and boardrooms! and everything that falls in between. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my site.

2 thoughts on “Am I a waitress or a nurse?

  1. I was lucky never to have spent much time in a hospital–before I became pregnant with twins, that is. During my pregnancy I was hospitalized for a week, then again when I delivered. I was so thankful for the nurses, and I had so much respect and admiration for their professionalism and genuine kindness in the face of so many challenges and demands.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Nursing can often be a thankless job from many, but for the patients who truly appreciate us it makes it worth the challenges 🙂 thanks again, for the sweet word.

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