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A Letter to my Son about being a Man

To my sweet Buddy,

You walked in the living room with those adorable dimples of your grinning from ear to ear. You were having a little trouble walking as you decided to wear your sister’s pretend high heels.  Look momma you exclaimed ever so excitedly!  I smiled and said cool shoes!

At two years old you are growing so fast. Being the third child of our three little blessings you have seemed to grow ever so quickly. Keeping up with those sisters of yours no doubt.  With all of these females in the house including the dog I have often pondered how best to explain to you what it means to be a man. A conversations for when you are a little older of course.

You see as you get older the rest of society, your peers and fellow family members will say things to you like stay strong and be a man. What they are telling you is to act tough, show no emotion and thump your chest like a caveman. Yeah okay the last phrase of that sentence was a bit dramatic, but you get my point.

Let your father and I be the first to tell you. Those things do not make you a man. You do not have to like sports or only like the color blue. Although if you liked football your dad would love it, but he would not push you to such things.

Being a man is being in tuned with your emotions and being confident with your self to show them.  It is being strong by not being masculine and thumping your chest but by being independent and learning to take care of yourself.

Being a man means being an equal part of your relationship and helping out your wife. It is changing those stinky diapers even though you do not want to but because you love your baby and want to help out your wife.

Being a man is showing up to Ballet rehearsal and bringing flowers to those little princesses on recital day. It is kissing your son on the cheek when he cries and telling him it will be okay. It is telling your son that he is beautiful as often as you tell him that he is one cool dude, and yes boys are beautiful too.

Being a man is doing things without being asked and staying true to your character. It will to be there for your sisters when your mom and dad cannot. Loving them and providing a shoulder for them to lean on.

A man’s character is what make a man not whether he can throw a ball, fight or lift weights. It is not what the rest of the world tells you it is. All you have to do is look at your father. He is a perfect example of what a man should be.

He loves his family and works hard to take care of us. He was the first one the change all three of your diapers and the first one to kiss your cheeks. He was the one staring at the monitor all night to make sure you were breathing after we placed you in your room for the first time.

He is not rough and tough. although he has on occasion acted like a caveman. I guess everyone has at least one flaw. He may not be able to fix a leaking faucet but he can fix tears and boo boos. He shows us what a man looks like and you need to follow that example. It is the true definition of what makes a man.

I hope when you are old enough to read this it will help make sense of a crazy wold. A world where we try to tell people how they should be instead of just letting them be. We love you more than anything and there is nothing that you need to prove to us about being a man. Just be you and that will be enough!




Little man around six months old! he still prefers the pink car!
Little man around six months old! he still prefers the pink car!


I am a wife of ten years, mom of three, Nurse and student! My household is quite chaotic and busy. With a six year old going on sixteen. we shall call her "Sassy", a four year old, who is stubborn as a mule, she shall be called " mini me", and a one year old, we will call "Buddy". Our girls do Ballet, and our son, well he is all boy! Very curious and always getting in to something. When we found out we were having a boy i laughed and said " god must have known we needed a little less diva in our life," Ha, little boys are quite the handful! I love my kids with all of my heart, and i love my job too! As a nurse leader i get to see many sides to healthcare and help encourage and guide new nurses. I love taking care of patients and being able to have grown up talk and then come home to my babies. The house is usually chaotic with lots of tantrums, and messes, but i wouldn't change it for a bit. On the rare occasion that i am able to have some spare time to myself, i like to read, bake and decorate cakes, and take pictures of my kiddos. Time to myself is rare so i decided to start this blog to have a creative outlet and connect with other working moms, who might be going through the same situations as myself. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and stories as a mom, student, wife and Nurse! These stories will range from Diapers and tutus to meetings and boardrooms! and everything that falls in between. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my site.

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