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A Freedom to Fight For

Freedom is never more than one

Thank you  Ann at for nominating me to do the 3 Day post a Quote Challenge! I am normally horrible at accepting awards and doing these challenges but have found myself awake before the kids this morning, so  here goes!

With Independence Day just around the corner I felt it  to be appropriate to post a quote on freedom and love this quote by Ronald Reagan! As we get ready for tomorrow’s fireworks festivities of fireworks and hotdogs, let’s be reminded to not take our freedom for granted.

I still remember holding my breath as I learned of the reports of a possible shooter at the Navy Yard yesterday, or the way it felt the day the pentagon went down, even a month ago when we were told that due to security threats we simply could not have our children’s Ballet recital at the Navy Base as planned.

Our Freedom can be here today and gone tomorrow. I urge you on this celebration of Independence Day to  remember those that serve our country so we can maintain the life of free will that we are accustomed to. The ones who fight every day and leave their families behind. The ones that missed the birth of his child and will soon meet her for the first time. The one who has been overseas for just a little too long and just isn’t quite the same person as he was before. The one who has to leave her children in the care of her mother because as a single mom, she doesn’t have a choice. The homeless man on the street who is now looked as if he weren’t worth our glance in his direction that fought Wars decades before we were ever born!

We have our Freedom because of these people refuse to give up on our country and everything it stands for! Never give up, never stop fighting and remember we are a country with freedom for all.

This is the part where I nominate three blogs to join me in the challenge.. My nominees are:

  1. Autumn at
  2. D Parker at
  3. Deborah at

Thanks again Ann for the challenge! I look forward to tomorrow’s Quote 🙂


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9 thoughts on “A Freedom to Fight For

  1. It’s so important to remember the meaning behind the holiday – here in South Africa, we have so many holiday’s with so much history but if you ask the majority of the youth, none of them even know what that history is!

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