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A tale of one mom’s attempt at the family dinner


Lately our schedules have been jam-packed with soccer practices, games , homework and other scheduled events. I thought  it would be nice to take the time to make a nice dinner and sit together as a family. This is something we are not so good at, even when life is not so hectic.

With visions of laughter and  conversation in my head. I chopped those veggies and roasted the chicken. Yes, my mind had a perfect dinner with perfect conversation and togetherness with our family. I know, I know.. stop laughing at me okay. A girl can dream!

The truth is, with all the craziness, I am finding it hard to connect as a family. The hubby and I split up and one takes a kid to Soccer while the other sits at home and does the whole homework routine. It is chaos and leaves little to connect.

Dinner was almost done, when the oldest began to wail! I mean, what the heck is she crying for. Apparently the tail to her pikachu came off and will need to be sewn back on. To me, a simple fix. To her, the end of life as we know it.

At this point, I began to plate the food when the middle kid asks me what’s for dinner. I explain that it is chicken and she immediately asks for ketchup. Sure you can have Ketchup I say when she looks at the plates and realizes it is not chicken nuggets! It’s not dinosaur chicken, she says in disgust! Nope, not dinosaur chicken. It’s real CHICKEN!! JUST EAT IT! I must have looked like a mental patient because she gave me an odd look and says nope, its gross!

The four-year old looks at me and says ” I love chicken and veggies”! Yes, a kid who might actually eat what I cook! I ask the hubby to come help, but he is walking around whining.. something about being constipated and then disappears. Are you freaking kidding me! The 4yo is already at the table when i call the girls over for dinner. begrudgingly the oldest comes to the table. The 7yo isn’t interested and begins running around. I don’t like that chicken, something to that effect. Meanwhile oldest takes a bit and refuses to eat more! Says it doesn’t taste good, begins crying about her Pikachu.. Good lord, this experiment has failed! Somebody wants milk, I’m just trying to take one bite while it’s hot and where the hell is my husband! Oh.. he’s just trying to poop one of the kids says.. Uggh!

By the time the husband comes out, we have finished dinner and he is still complaining about his stomach! Sighh.. It’s time for bath and bed. This mommy is tired!


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To ERR is Human..even in motherhood

to err

Just like that, in the blink of an eye it happened. I lost sight of my son. We were at a park, and I lost him in my line of vision. those next thirty seconds felt like an eternity with only the sound of my heart pounding in my ear. The world was still, until I found him. Playing happily. He was okay.

When he was a little over one years old,  would wait until the last minute to wake buddy up in the mornings to leave for work. Every day was the same routine, get dressed, get the girls dressed, load the car , wake buddy up, get buddy dressed, and leave for work. He woke up a little too early one morning. I sat him on the couch and proceeded to load up the car. Once I entered the house, I found my spunky little man trying to fly off the couch like Superman. Running to him, I literally caught him mid air. He could have hurt himself.

We were at the farmer’s market, when mini me got shuffled in the mix. It was me and three children. I wanted to teach the kids about fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm. I wasn’t prepared for how many people would be there. I was pushing the stroller with the oldest holding onto it, and mini me holding her hand. She let go, and got behind. it wasn’t but for a second, but it scared me. Deciding, that this particular situation was too much for me to handle, we have not been back to the market since.

It happens, we get distracted. We are not designed to be perfect and often the standards of perfection we hold ourselves to, destroy us from within. There is a saying in healthcare that to err is human. A report written discussing the ease of human error and how we must focus on the causes of error to create a culture of safety for our patients. With patients lives literally in our hands, we give grace for human error. We do not overlook or minimize the error, but we give grace, get to the root cause and fix the failure modes that lead to the error.  Why do we not give mothers the same grace?

Was I negligent in those instances? Not on purpose. I am human, I have three children and sometimes as a mom, I can get distracted. Should people have cast stones at me for mere seconds? no. If my children had been hurt, is judging and bashing  justified? NO.

We should be offering grace, humanity and support to one another. Why do we judge, bash and berate one another on social media platforms? It is to the point, that I refuse to join any mommy blogger groups on most social media platforms. The comments and judgements are unbearable, and I pray the people they are lashing out at refuses to read them. No one needs that kind of noise in their heads. We are all doing the best we can, and yes we make mistakes. WE make a lot of them.

I challenge you to hold your tongue a little longer, offer a word of encouragement, and imagine yourself in the shoes of another. Community and support will make more progress than condemnation. It is when we work together, that we will  shape the future.

***I am in no way condoning pure and intentional negligence. I do believe that most mothers and fathers do not intend to neglect their children. I also   Realize this post might open myself up to negative comments and backlash,  I encourage you to share your own stories! Let’s show the community what support and transparency looks like.





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That Finger

Today started out as  typical Monday. Dragging all three kids out of bed. Getting them fed,dressed and out the door. We made our way to the first drop off of the morning, There are three so yes mornings are hectic. All was going well and I got 5yo to school when I returned to my car. Opening the door Sassy says look mom!

Standing there quiet I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Hmm I bet you are wondering what she was showing me huh? Well wait no more. I stood there in shock as my 7yo looks at me with her middle finger in the air! Look mom it’s m middle finger! So yes it is.

Where did she see that, how could she. All these thoughts racing in my mind. Very calmly I decided to use this opportunity to teach her about what that particular symbol meant and why it was disrespectful even though I know that was not her intent. Just when I was about to give myself the most awesome mom award Is when I gave myself the you’re a shitty mom award!

That child started bawling like a baby as if I had yelled at her or something! What the hell! She disrespected me and she has the nerve to cry when I teach her that it is not nice to flip people the bird!

Geez, kids these days!

Have you ever experienced a situation like this? Please tell me I am normal!

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A Glimmer of Hope


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As I sit here and read over the comments from my last post, a feeling of happiness comes over me. I honestly was nervous about publishing my most previos post out of fear that it would paint me in a bad light. As the first few comments came I  I realized how silly that was. Comments that essentially said, hey I happens to all of us and you are not alone gave me a sense of normalcy when I had been beating myself up.

Thank You to everyone of you for your Kind words and Support. It has truly helped me to get past and Move on. yesterday We had a great day. I tooke the girls to see Big Hero 6! It was Just the three of us. We had fun and the movie was super cute, however mini me kepth clearing her throat throughout the movie. I tried to take her to get some water but older sis wouldnt move and I was not going to leave her alobe in that theatre so we stayed. Apparently proving to be annoying to our neighbors. I kept hearing the husband say something to his wife about being rude and I just ignored it. Besides there were people with their screaming babies there which to me was even more annoying.  Eventually he turned toward us and said do you guys want some water ill go get it! His posture and tone ws very aggressive and not at all polite. So what does my smart ass do but say no thank you we are fine. Which pisses him off and he gets up. Fine with me dude.  She’s five so what do you!  His kid that kept coughing through the movie obviously did not bother him, just saying.

Anyways the rest of the day was great and stress was low. However today was a different story. I am still trying to show patience but must admit that I yelled once. The constant crying, screaming and hitting each other got to me, what can I say. Thankfully I caught myself and walked away before I could reach a point of complete anger.

What I learned is that I am a work I  progress and will try to improve each day! I am not perfect and my self expectation of perfection needs to go out the window. We are all parents just trying to survive the day.  Most days are stressful but every now and then you get a glimmer of hope!


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Keep Calm I Am Not Smarter Than A First Grader


I consider myself a well-educated woman! I have a college degree and am once again attending college to further my education. I like to teach and enjoy reading! So naturally my ever so inquisitive ( See big word, I told you I was smart) 6yo asks me questions all freaking day long!What is this, and Why is that? Which leaves me to ask my own question.

Why the hell do I not know the answers to the questions she is asking! I mean i should know, but the kid stumps me, every single time! So for your humorous pleasure I decided to list the ways in which I am not smarter than a first Grader

  1. I do not know if elephants are larger than giraffe’s! I guess it depends if you are talking height or weight.
  2. I can not tell you why the sky is blue.
  3. I do not know where the colors of the rainbow come from?
  4. I honestly cannot tell you where the tooth fairy is or how she knows that your tooth came out.
  5. nope I sure cannot tell you what 20 minus 7 is without counting on my fingers.
  6. Why does the sun circle the earth? Oh yeah I can’t tell you that one either
  7. Hmm Fractions! Did you know first graders start learning fractions! That information was dumped from my head after my first round of college!
  8. Is a Cheetah faster than a horse? Umm I think so….
  9. I absolutely did not know that a baby dolphin was called a calf!
  10. If you ask me to name all of the U.S. Presidents then I am going to tell you to Google it Kid!

OH Wait! You do not know what Google is! YES… At least I know something a First Grader doesn’t know!!

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A W.T.F. Kind Of Day

wpid-1411872799371.jpgI have often been told that my blog is positive and upbeat and for the most part I try to keep it that way! But just to show you that I am capable of complaining I will just this one time complain a little. Okay that’s a lie it may not be the only time. Hey if you are looking for perfection, I’m far from it!

If you read my post earlier today then you seen that I dealt with cranky little kids who mommy’d me to death! After all the fighting,crying,whining and non stop I’m hungries I finally had a minute to myself. Well six minutes to be exact,

Convinced that  my nephew’s birthday party was today, I took my six minutes to write my post and then we got ready. If you remember from the previous post we had to buy his birthday present, and my husband was asleep on the couch! So after waking him up we got ready and then mini me ( 5yo) decided to take a nap! So yep we had to wake her up too! To say she was unhappy about it would be an understatement!

Nonetheless we had a present to buy, so after five trips back inside the house to get prince bear, a cup of milk etc. We were ready to go!

Fantastic! The hubby took the girls inside Target while Buddy and myself stayed in the car! Well let me tell you! That little not quite two-year old did not like seeing his daddy walk away from the car, I do not think I will ever get the ear-piercing screaming out  of my head! In fact I am  pretty sure that I am now deaf in my right ear! Twenty minutes at that high of decimals has to do some damage to one’s ear!

Anyhoo, during the non stop cry fest the car began to feel hot! Like really hot! The air seemed to be blowing but no cool air was coming. Great the air conditioner just died on us I thought! Did I mention that our t.v. died less than two weeks ago and we still have not replaced that? Don’t let me around your electronics folks because they might need a  funeral if I touch them!

The Hubby and girls returned after what seemed a lifetime and he seemed quite pissy! What’s wrong with him? Well, Let’s see! Oh yeah do you remember me mentioning that mini me(5yo) has taken to wetting her pants recently. That child squatted right on down to the floor of Target and peed like nobody was watching! sigh, The joys of parenting.

So naturally I am frustrated because who the hell thinks to pack extra clothes for a five-year old and now we have to go back home to change her. Not to mention that the Target employees are like family to me as I go there every day and now they know my child peed all over their floor!

Naturally texting my sister to tell her we will be late, when the hubby starts talking about the car being hot. I explained that It was the air conditioner and I felt it went out on us! Except it didn’t! The entire freaking car died on us! It would light up and the air would blow but it would not crank! Are you kidding me right now! The only thing worse than your car breaking down at target is your car breaking down after your kid peed on the floor in target! Just saying!

To make matters worse, my sister responds with Sis, the party is tomorrow remember! W.T.F.! all of this crapola for nothing! ugh and we had to go back into target and wait for my mom to pick us all up, because all three kids were hot,cranky and not having any of it!

We get home thanks to my mom and the hubby leaves to figure out the car stuff. Once again I am home alone with cranky,whining fighting kids! Nightmare is the only word to describe this day! So as predicted in yesterday’s post, the stress has got to me! But don’t worry I will not stay down for too long. Yesterday I danced and today I wined ( seriously like a whole bottle of it) and tomorrow is a birthday party!


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Mommy is on staycation right now and she will be happy to help once she gets back

When it comes to parenting, some days are nothing short of wonderful and other days well they just suck! the stress of being a mom can be overwhelming, and this morning is one of those days.
I was awaken at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning by two bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little girls.  Which still amazes me how I have to literally drag them out of bed on the weekdays and then comes the weekend and we can’t sleep past 6am. Anyhoo, Mini me(5yo) has recently started wetting herself which has been quite stressful. She has never done this before but in the recent weeks she has started to wet at school and in the night-time. So she was soaked and we had to have a bath! Yep the sun wasn’t even out yet and we are bathing and stripping bed sheets. coffee please..can I get some coffee.. Umm no such luck, Sassy(6yo) decided to take a bath too because apparently bath time is a family affair around here. I guess they can get away with it for a while longer.
Just when I thought I could make my coffee as they were playing blissfully in the bath, I hear it! MOMMY… sigh, time to get our of the bath, dry off and now they want breakfast! Managing to slide my coffee cup under the Keurig , I begin breakfast.. At least that’s a start on the coffee front. The entire time hearing both girls decide to go from best friends to arched enemy’s fighting, pushing.. You know how it is with sisters!
Less than an hour later I hear it again! MOMMY! Yep Buddy(almost 2yo) was waking up. Here we go! thankfully I have managed to get one sip of my coffee so we wake up change diaper and get some milk. Except he wants breakfast already so Off I go! All the while hearing mommy,mommy,mommy non stop! I lost count after five hundred mommy’s I began to lose track.
The hubby was at work so it’s just me and no help, and at this point I decided to change my name to Daddy! Except that will only help once he gets home. Attempting to take a shower, again I hear mommy and of course Buddy decided to follow me! Hmm. we really need to go pick up that birthday present before the party, so I gently place him in his crib and he acts like he might actually take a nap! Score one for mommy right?
yeah umm no! I did manage to get a shower as he blissfully played in his crib but no sooner did dad get home from work and the kids were back to being little heathens! reminding the Hubby of the party I inform him that we need to run to the store, and that’s when I hear it again! MOMMY! Yep Buddy is screaming and crying like there is not tomorrow! Seriously.. So i go in to see what’s wrong when the odor struck me harsh and Sudden! He does not like to have  a dirty diaper so this explains the scream.
Getting him cleaned up and thinking I would just pass him off to daddy but there my hubby is passed out on the couch! UGGH!!!! This time I decided to take a breath, put Buddy on the couch and re group!
I am now sitting here at the computer with A new hot cup of coffee!! The girls are playing peacefully and Buddy is sitting on the couch next to his sleeping daddy! We still haven’t gotten that present and the party starts in two hours, but you know what? it will be okay. I am not sweating the small stuff, and am very thankful for coffee right now! Seriously keurig, I love you!   Enjoying the peace because it may only last five minutes with this household! So for now, Mommy is on a staycation and she will be happy to help you once she gets back!