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Penis,Breasts, and Vaginas, OH MY!


Penis,Penis,Penis! There I said it, now will Someone please help me understand what the fascination our country has with giving alternate names to our body parts, and repeating these to our children. It’s as if the actual anatomically correct names are viewed as vulgar, and inappropriate. Well, I am here to tell you something! our children are calling their unmentionables far more vulgar names. As I reflect to six years ago, when I was nursing sassy, my niece actually looked at me and said “why are you feeding her with your titty?” Umm, excuse me? I explained to her that it was a breast, and the then six-year-old niece look at me as if I had two heads and with eyeballs bugging out of them. I honestly do not think she had ever heard the word breast before.  I have heard everything from what I consider to be lewd and vulgar to people using fruit to describe their body parts. I mean seriously I can’t ever look at or hear the word peach without thinking vagina at this point. The moment I had children I decided that I would teach my children the proper names of their body parts. They should know the proper names. We don’t coin any other names for our elbows and toes, so why should the others be any different. So When Buddy Boy was just a few days old, and Sassy asked me what the bump on him was, I reflected to the quote from Kindergarten Cop, and simply said “It’s a Penis, boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”  She looked at me quizzically and said “I’m just going to call it a big bump.” Well, there you have it folks, I tried! She can call it a big bump now, but I will not be teaching her to call it a peach, apple, muffin or any other food or more vulgar name. So to her future teachers and classmates, do not get upset if she states the word vagina, because she is simply calling it what she should call it, and I will never punish here for using proper names for these parts of her body, no matter how uncomfortable this makes you feel!