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Date night and people watching

We did it! We finally made it out to an actual date night. For those of you who are close to us, then you know that there were several attempts at a date night in which we never made it. The most recent fiasco was when the 9yo had an ear infection.

WE never went out to dinner for our anniversary last month, so the husband  arranged for childcare for us to enjoy a kid free dinner. There has been several discussion at work about this new restaurant downtown, so we thought let’s give it a try. Why not?

It’s a trendy southern style restaurant with a twist. They serve the most unbelievable combinations that work! The food was good, and it was nice for us to have some alone time to talk. WE haven’t done much of that lately. It’s just between our busy schedules and spending half the night trying to get the kids to sleep leave little time to talk to your spouse.

What struck me at this restaurant, , was the amount of people watching I could do. This place is a dream for anyone who likes to people watch. What struck me as even more odd, was how old I felt. When you sit there and count how many men are wearing man buns ( both restaurant employees and customers alike), then you can consider yourself old. Old, married and with kids that is. This restaurant catered to either the young and hip, or the older and incredibly wealthy. Oh, how you could see all these rich people in this restaurant. it was quite interesting actually.

Sitting right next to us, was the ” I am rich and I want you to notice me crowd.” This was actually a family, two older parents and their son who looked to be mid twenties. They spent the night actually talking about money and real estate. Yeah, they were quite boring. Then across from us, was the obviously wealthy but very down to earth couple. I have an aunt and uncle like that. They clearly have tons of money, but are some of the most kindest and down to earth people I have ever met. At the bar, was a young girl with a slightly older man. He had a man bun, and she kept grabbing his ass. I am pretty sure her mom was at the bar with them. it was an odd situation. One minute they were all make outey and the next she was talking to her mom ( could be sister) and he was chugging a glass of wine faster than life itself.

As I said before, the food was decent, nice atmosphere, but us old married couples with three kids, well… we would be fine with chick fil a.  We actually had a great time, and the people watching was fun. Do you do that? Just sit back and watch how others interact with each other? In case you were wondering, we seen at least six man buns 😉


Chocolate bannana cake with bananna gelato. Yes please!!!


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Spring Break Fun: Creating a fairy garden

Spring break is in the air! The kids get to let their hair down, and relax for the next week to come. Unfortunately I still have to work this week, but will take a couple of days off to enjoy some time with the kiddos. The girls have been hooked on this fairy garden idea lately and I promised them they could make on  spring break.

Now, this sounds all well and dandy except I am pretty sure that I have what you call a black thumb when it comes to gardening. No really, I kill every plant I touch! So to plant a couple of flowers for the fairy garden is a far stretch for me. I began looking up plants that are low maintenance and cactuses  looked good to me. Desert fairy garden anyone? No.. the girls wouldn’t let me buy a cactus either. They mentioned something about not wanting the fairies to get poked.

Eventually we just decided on a couple of annuals, that may or may not die in a couple of days. I will let ya’ll know! Since I have never so much as planted a seed in our yard, we had to buy everything we needed. Gardening can be expensive ya’ll! Anyways, add a little fairy, fairy house, maybe a cute little dragon and you have yourself a fairy garden! Because one garden isn’t enough we also made a mermaid garden thanks to Michael’s for having those options. Just add a few lights, and you have yourself some magic in your very front yard. WE even found a cute little garden gnome named Winston to watch over our gardens for us. HE is a very chill gnome, seems to like hanging by the palm trees and soaking up the sun.

The girls love their gardens and I loved working in the yard with them. Shh.. Don’t tell anyone I said that. I typically  do not like any resemblance of yard  work! Spring break day one was a huge success! Now, I have to go to work tomorrow while the kids enjoy spending time with their cousin for the day. Why can’t parents get spring break? Oh well, I took off work Wednesday, so only a couple more days, and we will have some more fun planned! What are your spring break plans this year?



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Let their imagination’s run wild

You have to love websites like Pinterest, where you can search different crafts and DIY’s. I know I do. I pin to my heart’s content, and rarely make anything that I pin. Mostly because of time , but also because who wants to spend 40 dollars on craft supplies for one project?

Now don’t get me wrong here, I love Pinterest and envy anyone who creates such stunning craftery. Is that a word? I love crafting with the kids, we just don’t make crafts on a constant basis. They love to draw and color, write stories. They get to be creative on their own, instead of me directing their creative little minds. oh, how I love their creative little minds.

This morning started like any other, I grabbed my coffee and put on a show for the kiddos. After a few minutes, I noticed how quiet the kids were being, and that is always cause for concern. If I’m being honest, I enjoyed the quiet for a little too long before I checked on them. When I did check on them. they were actually getting along and entertaining themselves! mark this day in history people!

I had put on the show creative galaxy for them, and they said they were inspired. Let me tell you those little cuties were making rocket ships out of water bottle and robots out of supplies found in the pantry. The pantry people! They were the cutest little robots and rocket ships I have ever seen, but I am a little biased.

While it is fun to create pinworthy projects, kids don’t neccessarily need that to spark creativitiy. They can imagine, and create things from around the house. i also do not have to be the one to entertain them constantly as they can entertain themselves which i think is a valuable lesson to them later on in life. Now, before anyone thinks i do not play with my kids, i do. We play plenty. I just do not feel the need to entertain them constantly.

Let kid’s imagination run wild, and something beautiful may happen.









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Because sometimes kids are embarrassing

You know us parenting bloggers like to share funny things our kids do or say. Sometimes we share a weekly things my kid said post. You wanna know a secret? Sometimes my kids do stuff that embarrass the crap out of me! I know.. I know.. I should be the one embarrassing them! So without further ado, I give you the things my kids did to embarrass me this week!

Setting: Physician waiting room full of people

4yo grabs hold of my boob and continues to sit there and hold it. Seriously, this kid was never even breast-fed, He has no claim to that body part! the more i tried to move his hand away without making a scene, the more he laughed and kept trying to hold my boob! Naturally i blame his father for his boob obsession.

Setting: Michaels craft store

9yo- EEWWW! What is that smell?

7yo-oh right! I had gas! ( stating this as loud as she can)

9yo- Gross! Mama! she farted!!! ( again yelling at the top of her lungs as I could not hear or smell the situation at hand!)

Sigh, I guess  i will just have to take pleasure in the knowledge that i will get to pay them back for all these embarrassing moments one day! What has your child done to embarrass you lately?



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The magic of Disney

We have had our share of Disney  world experiences both with kids and without. The last time we went was three years ago with just the girls. We wanted to have a vacation with just the two of them before little brother would be joining in on the fun. The little guy just turned one years old when we went, so he stayed with out sister-in-law.

This time we were unsure if the husband would ever get vacation time, so it wasn’t until four months before the trip that we were able to plan. We also decided to keep the trip a secret from the kids and surprise them the day we leave for the vacation.

This was not a secret that we could easily keep, but I am happy to say we pulled off the surprise of the century!  We told the kids that morning and were on the road in no time!

The first day was spent at Hollywood studios and while we tried, the Jedi training was full so we had to watch the enjoyment from the sidelines. Each experience at Disney ( which this is the third, one without kids and second with kids) is completely different and this day was not the happiest place on earth. The kids were cranky, no one seemed to have any fun and there were fights over who was going to sit where. I am not sure if it was because I was so tuned in to my own family’s crankiness but as I looked around there were angry parents, rebellious kids and lots of tears! I repeat.. Not the happiest place on earth!

The second day, it rained! this also happened to be our Magic Kingdom day so it was kind of a bummer, but we managed to have fun in the end. Thankfully, I read some blogs that suggested buying ponchos before hand, so we had those to help a little. While trying to avoid the rain we casually slipped into line for the Peter pan ride, and well… we got stuck on the ride. It was only a few minutes but the kids were freaking out! Thankfully we recovered by enjoying the it’s a small world ride after that. It’s just such a lovely ride. Eventually the rain cleared late in the afternoon so we could enjoy the evening shower free. Moments of awesomeness in between the chaos. Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

And then there was Epcot! Oh how we love Epcot! We even had fastpass to the new Frozen ride! Ya’ll do not know how excited I was to ride this ride. It was being built the last time we went. My advice is to get a fast pass ya’ll! The wait without it was two hours and we were in line and off the ride in less than fifteen minutes thanks to our fast pass! The ride is awesome! But do know that there is a small dip so splashing could occur. Something that upset my oldest but hey, water dries. When I asked the 7yo how she liked it and she said ” I didn’t like it.. I loved it!” out of the mouth of babes…..

The last day was spent at the Animal Kingdom and oh how we love the animal kingdom. The safari is just amazing and the tour guides make sure you get to see all of the animals. Since, it is the closest I will ever get to a real Safari, I loved it! We also enjoyed Dinoland  which has an awesome playground and Dino dig for the kids.  Oh and the Lion King show is simply amazing! You really must see it!

To end our vacation we treated the kids to a character dining experience at the Tuskers house. This restaurant features African and some American cuisine and is just spectactular.was  awesome! Even, my husband thought so and he is strictly a meat and potatoes kind of guy! We were able to dine with Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Mickey Mouse. The staffs were impressive and very accommodating and we even were able to see each character twice! They really took the time with each table and I think we will go there again if we are lucky  enough to ever go back!

There was lots of tears, crankiness and even a few tantrums. The truth is nothing is perfect, but in between all those moments where it rained, the kids were cranky and we inadvertently took the kids on  a ride that they describes as desperately terrifying ( the great movie ride btw) there were moments of magic! We will remember the chaos but the magic will stay forever 🙂

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Fun on the Farm


Oh how I love the fall! The cool crisp air, and the colors of orange, red and green everywhere. The pumpkin spice latte’s and apple crisps. This time of year just makes you want to head outdoors and have some fun.

One of my favorite things to do is going to the pumpkin patch at one of our local farms and just enjoy being outdoors as a family. The kids get ridiculously dirty and we all leave exhausted.

This year we had my best friend and her kids join us. What happens when you have six kids ages 9 and under at the pumpkin patch together? A whole lot of chaos that is what. We couldn’t take our eyes off those little suckers for a second. Someone was always disappearing and the sibling fights, lord the sibling fights. I was just grateful that it wasn’t my kids this time. While going through the corn maze her two boys decided that it would be best to beat the living crap out of each other while trying to find their way out. It was pretty smart actually, there was no where for little brother to run to. we were stuck in nothing but corn!

My kids actually behaved this time, and I was equally boasting at their good behavior and suspicious. What did they want? no really, they were behaving pretty decently which allowed me to help my friend. Her hubby had to work, so it was her and the kids. I have totally been there. I am glad she came though, sometimes you just want another mom around to commiserate with you.

img_4573The farm had a great playground for the kids, and even had some go carts for the kids. Really they were pedal cars that looked like go carts. In true farm fashion, there was a huge dirt hill for all the kids to slide down. Did I mention the kids got  filthy? Thank goodness we learned our lesson last year, and put the kids in old clothes that we didn’t care if they got dirty. Last year, each kid had a brand new outfit and ruined them. lessons learned…lessons learned. IMG_4630.JPG


At the end of the day we let the kids each pick out one pumpkin. There is just something about picking out a pumpkin from a real life pumpkin patch that just makes the season more official. That and pumpkin spice latte’s.. those are good too! What is your favorite thing about fall? Please share your stories with me 🙂


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The end of kindergarten

Dear mini me,

Just like that it happened. We had the last day of Kindergarten.  It feels like yesterday, I sent you off to school so tearfully. I am not sure where this year went, but I am sure of one thing. You showed me the value in sheer stubbornness and determination. This year has been tough, and you have struggled through school and homework an a daily basis. Reading has not come easy. It has been hard and stressful. They say you  can tell a lot about a persons character by how they handle stressful situations. My baby girl, you have showed more character and strength then most adults I know. Together we conquered fears, uncertainties and stress. Failure was not an option in either of our minds. You have worked hard and learned what was necessary to pass school. The most successful people are not always the smartest, but those who work the hardest. I think those that have to work harder for what they have, tend to appreciate what they have the most.

Kindergarten hasn’t al; been stressful, there has been a lot of fun too. You lost four teeth this year, and have another loose tooth waiting to come out. You were awarded student of the month for the whole school in the month of February. You gained a not so secret admirer who gave you a valentines present. Daddy, didn’t like this idea, but it was sweet. He gave you a stuffed Dalmatian puppy and a lunch box. You rode on the school bus to field trips and gained a new level of independence. I am so proud of you in more ways than one. Leaving Kindergarten is bittersweet, but I look forward to seeing what first grade brings.