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Not that kind of girl

WE woke up last Sunday morning to the 9yo ( Holy shit she is nine!)telling me that her ear hurt. Minutes later she acted as if everything was fine, so we continued to get dressed and ready for church. The Hubby had to do some work before church so he had left the house earlier that morning.

Once we arrived to church, we checked 4yo in preschool and then quickly sat down. At this point it was just me and the girls as the hubby had yet to arrive. Quickly the service began with its glorious music filled auditorium. Less than five minutes into the music and I looked over at 9yo who had tears streaming down her face! She kept wiping them as if to hide her emotions while in church. Immediately going to her, I said let’s go outside and asked my sister-in-law to keep an eye on 7yo who was sitting with us as well.

What’s wrong I asked as we got outside, and she explained that her ears began hurting again with all the music. This is  a church that plays contemporary Christian so percussion is definitely on the list of instruments playing, so I can see how that bothered her little ears. I had to call the husband and explain the situation, which was that we were going to urgent care and thankfully he was almost at the church, so me and 9yo whizzed through the parking lot in order to get out of dodge. I texted my sister-in-law on the way, but the poor thing didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. She simply thought 9yo wanted to go to children’s church and I stayed to watch.

Once we got to urgent care, things kind of go south. “She has so much ear wax that it’s covering the ear drum.” The physician said. We are going to need to clean those out. All I could think was good luck, this kid freaks out if you even think about looking in her mouth or ears. But committed to the team that we would try our hardest.

Now, if you have never had this done before and can be quite alarming. They place ear drops in your ears, let that sit and then proceed to flush out your ears with water in attempts to get the wax out. Well, the screaming soon began. She screamed bloody murders as they flushed her ears and I wiped her face telling her it was going to be okay. You lied to me!! She shouted while the nurse  desperately tried. to get the wax out of ears.  “We got the left one clear!” the nurse shouted, but then determined the need for more drops in the right ear because it wasn’t going to budge.

At some point, while waiting for the drops to sit for a bit, the nurse came in and handed 9yo a bunch of stickers. AS I went through them I shake my  head. They were all princesses. I am talking Cinderella, sleeping beauty, you know all of those frilly princesses. Considering my daughter walked into that urgent care sporting a Pokémon hat, I just kept those stickers to my self.

Once we were finished and realized the right ear was a lost cause, the doctor decided to prescribe some antibiotics just in case. While waiting at our local target for her prescription, I took out the stickers and handed them to 9yo and asked if she wanted any of them. She looks down at those stickers and says “Nah! I’m not that kind of Girl!” HMM.. Maybe someone should tell those urgent care folks that not all girls are princesses, Some are Pokémon and dragon trainer warriors!


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Because sometimes kids are embarrassing

You know us parenting bloggers like to share funny things our kids do or say. Sometimes we share a weekly things my kid said post. You wanna know a secret? Sometimes my kids do stuff that embarrass the crap out of me! I know.. I know.. I should be the one embarrassing them! So without further ado, I give you the things my kids did to embarrass me this week!

Setting: Physician waiting room full of people

4yo grabs hold of my boob and continues to sit there and hold it. Seriously, this kid was never even breast-fed, He has no claim to that body part! the more i tried to move his hand away without making a scene, the more he laughed and kept trying to hold my boob! Naturally i blame his father for his boob obsession.

Setting: Michaels craft store

9yo- EEWWW! What is that smell?

7yo-oh right! I had gas! ( stating this as loud as she can)

9yo- Gross! Mama! she farted!!! ( again yelling at the top of her lungs as I could not hear or smell the situation at hand!)

Sigh, I guess  i will just have to take pleasure in the knowledge that i will get to pay them back for all these embarrassing moments one day! What has your child done to embarrass you lately?



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A tale of one mom’s attempt at the family dinner


Lately our schedules have been jam-packed with soccer practices, games , homework and other scheduled events. I thought  it would be nice to take the time to make a nice dinner and sit together as a family. This is something we are not so good at, even when life is not so hectic.

With visions of laughter and  conversation in my head. I chopped those veggies and roasted the chicken. Yes, my mind had a perfect dinner with perfect conversation and togetherness with our family. I know, I know.. stop laughing at me okay. A girl can dream!

The truth is, with all the craziness, I am finding it hard to connect as a family. The hubby and I split up and one takes a kid to Soccer while the other sits at home and does the whole homework routine. It is chaos and leaves little to connect.

Dinner was almost done, when the oldest began to wail! I mean, what the heck is she crying for. Apparently the tail to her pikachu came off and will need to be sewn back on. To me, a simple fix. To her, the end of life as we know it.

At this point, I began to plate the food when the middle kid asks me what’s for dinner. I explain that it is chicken and she immediately asks for ketchup. Sure you can have Ketchup I say when she looks at the plates and realizes it is not chicken nuggets! It’s not dinosaur chicken, she says in disgust! Nope, not dinosaur chicken. It’s real CHICKEN!! JUST EAT IT! I must have looked like a mental patient because she gave me an odd look and says nope, its gross!

The four-year old looks at me and says ” I love chicken and veggies”! Yes, a kid who might actually eat what I cook! I ask the hubby to come help, but he is walking around whining.. something about being constipated and then disappears. Are you freaking kidding me! The 4yo is already at the table when i call the girls over for dinner. begrudgingly the oldest comes to the table. The 7yo isn’t interested and begins running around. I don’t like that chicken, something to that effect. Meanwhile oldest takes a bit and refuses to eat more! Says it doesn’t taste good, begins crying about her Pikachu.. Good lord, this experiment has failed! Somebody wants milk, I’m just trying to take one bite while it’s hot and where the hell is my husband! Oh.. he’s just trying to poop one of the kids says.. Uggh!

By the time the husband comes out, we have finished dinner and he is still complaining about his stomach! Sighh.. It’s time for bath and bed. This mommy is tired!


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Conversations with Kids

Kids say some of the funniest and cutest things. I often forget to share them, so today I will share some recent conversations with my kids

#1-putting the girls to bed

Me- I got bit by something

8y0- fire ants hurt, there needs to be an ant that doesn’t harm you

6yo- I got bit by fire ants once

me- yep, those things hurt

8yo- I know! Sugar ants don’t harm you! They just like sugar


8yo- But you have to  watch out, because if there is sweets in your house, then the ants will run off with all your sweets!

6yo- Oh no! We have ice cream in the house!

me- laughing really hard!!!

#2 while in Target one day

6yo- yuck! Who farted, that is so poopy!

3yo- oh no! it was mommy!!

6yo- ( at the top of her lungs) Mommy farted! That is so yucky..

me- plotting revenge ( there was no fating, and if you don’t see my children for a while it’s because practical jokes have to come back and haunt ya, lol!)

#3- At home

3yo-( excited over spiderman underwear) I am going to show D my new spiderman underwear!

Me- we do not show people our underwear

3yo – okay, I will just tell him about it!

#4-At home

me- (checking my son’s lymph nodes for swellings)

3yo- why are you doing that?

me- because I am a nurse, so I need to check them when you are sick.

3yo- You are not a nurse!

me- then what am I?

3yo- uhhh a MOMMY!!!

me- then where do I go to work each day?

3yo- at your best friends house!








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Fever and Bath tub Poop

Waking up to a little person crawling into bed with me and  a warm little hand touching my face saying “mommy it’s morning.” Instinctively I pulled him close and we just laid there cuddling, no words necessary. Just a short while later and the husband asked how I got him to cuddle for so long. I explained to him that I didn’t think he felt good. My response was simple.. Mommies just know these things, this is motherhood.

Sitting on the couch rocking him back and forth. His head lying on my chest with my chin pressed to his hot little forehead. It feels like 101. Not wanting to get the thermometer yet, as he needs my comfort. Isn’t it amazing how the mere touch of our children and actually know their temperature, no thermometer needed. …This is motherhood.

The husband is gone to work and while still rocking little buddy, mini -me decides she needs a bath. Asking her to wait, while I take care of buddy, she begins to wail. Letting her cry for a few minutes, I decide it’s easier to just put her in the bath. So while carrying 3yo to the bathroom we get her bath ready. It will keep her occupied after all…This is motherhood.

Finally check temperature and giving him medicine for his yep.. 101 degree temperature, we settle back on the couch rocking back and forth, back and forth. This is motherhood.

Rocking buddy to the point he is almost asleep, and I hear the words ” MOMMY!! There is POOP in THE Bathtub!!!!” Shit ( no pun intended) , she just pooped in the bath tub!.. Yep, this is motherhood too…

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Weekend Coffee Share..


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it has been way too long. I don’t get to see my friends often and after two weeks of being  hanging out with the kids, I am ready for adult conversation. I would start by asking how you are because I always start talking first.

Once you finished telling me about the happenings in your life I would tell you that school starts back on Tuesday and the kids are excited to get back in their routine. We have had lots of fun, but it’s time to get back to reality. The oldest seems to need that routine as she has asked me multiple times a day, ” What are we going to do next?” her OCD tendencies kicking in as she needs structure.

I would then tell you that she seems to be doing better thanks to her prescription multi vitamin that helps her break down the vitamins, that her body does not allow her to decompose. She has had some down days, but more and more happier ones appear. I am still learning about MTHFR myself. We have also had the other two tested and they indeed have the mutation but we will watch and see if they have any symptoms like the oldest.

I would tell you that the beginning of school again, also means that my courses will start back. I decided to take two classes at a time in spring in order to knock some of these classes out. I haven’t decided if that is an incredibly brilliant idea or an incredibly stupid one. I will let you know when I figure that one out.

I would tell you that we will be seeing the Star Wars movie today so that we can finally catch up with the rest of the world. The kids and I got hub entire collection for Christmas, so we have had quite the Marathon this past week. WE are going to a late lunch first and I am excited to not have to prepare this meal. To make up for the lack of dinners I will be cooking while taking classes, I decided to cook almost every damn night during Christmas break. I am exhausted, but was glad to provide our family with those meals. Who am I kidding, the husband was the only one who ate them. All three kids turned their noses up and ate sandwiches. Sigh, one day…. one day..

The 6yo told me on Christmas Eve that she no longer wants to dance in  Ballet. The oldest has already quite and we are hoping that the 6yo changes her mind. I am going to encourage her to finish this year and then explore other interest. I know the girls are interested is, but apparently there a not enough troop leaders in our area. Who knew that was an issue?

I would tell you that it I time to run, before chugging what was left of my coffee. o get the kids packed and ready for a sleepover, so we can enjoy going to a movie. l you to call me soon and schedule this again. Adult  so fun 🙂

This post is part of Part time   monster’s  weekend coffee share link up!



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My daughter said what!


Kids should come with some sort of warning when they speak sometimes. You know, the kind of flashing ,neon orange sign that says warning your kid is about to say something that is going to make you choke if you are eating!  Maybe then we wouldn’t be caught off guard when they say something that knocks our socks off!

Picture this.. three kids eating their lunch while conversing. Myself at the sink, cleaning the meal I just made and I hear it! My sweet kind of crazy innocent little six year old says something smells. Then almost nonexistent I hear, “Something smells like vagina!” What!! I come to a screeching hault and say can you repeat that? There was no mistake in what she said! ” Something smells like vagina!” Well, shit.. how do I handle this one?

It’s not that I have a problem with the word vagina. You can read about me teaching my kids their proper names here. I just can’t believe she has ever heard that phrase before?  What are they teaching these kids at school these days?

I have learned that Kindergarten is tough these days and anything goes. The best I can do is explain to my kid that she can’t say things like that because it is just rude and offensive. I never thought I would be praying for Kindergarten to end. The 6yo has witnessed bullying and learning some inappropriate behaviors. All I can say, is Thank the lord she didn’t say something smells like vagina in front of someone else!!!