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Every Day Mom Link up 11-8-15

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Another Sunday and Another Link up! I find myself exhausted this week! We had a much-needed weekend on the beach without the kids! It was awesome and wonderful but of course we missed them like crazy! Needless to say this afternoon has been spent giving hugs and cuddles to our little ones.

Now that it is bedtime I can finally get this link up posted ¬†for your guys. Sorry about the delay, but you know.. life and all..I have lots of school work to get started on for this week and am really ready for this class to be over! Crazy me has decided to try two classes at a time for the spring semester so I can get these classes knocked out! wish me luck as I make that journey! Just one class has made it hard to keep up with all that is going on, but I am determined to get these last eight classes completed as quickly as possible. This time next year, I should be almost complete with the program and will have my BSN!!! I am wishing I had done this when I got my nursing degree 12 years ago, but it is , what it is.. I will be done soon enough ūüėČ

Okay, enough about me! I hope you all had a great week! I look forward to reading your post and will plan on getting my post up around Wednesday! I have lots of material in my head, it’s just making the time to get it in the drafts! It is amazing how a weekend on the beach can clear your head!!!

The Rules:

  1. use the form at the bottom of this post to add your link
  2. read/comment on at least two blog posts to share the blog love
  3. try to come back at the end of the week to read any late additions ( we want everyone to get at least two views from the link up)

Okay folks.. let’s see what kind of awesome posts you have for me this week!

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Every Day Mom Link up 9-20-15

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Welcome to the Every Day Mom link up for the third week of September!!! Can you believe how fast this time is flying? I am in disbelief that October is around the corner, but loving these cool fall mornings. I live in the south so the cool weather does not last long but I will take it in any form that I can get it!

Last week Autumn gave us a short story on putting her sweet Avery in her big girl bed. I like how she acknowledged that some nights she just needs her mommy. My two girls are age 7 and 6 and they still crawl in bed with mommy from time to time. I am really wishing they didn’t because well, my back hurts from all the kicking etc.. but you know.. nightmares and all so what are you going to do! Anyways I digress.. Click on the picture to read autumns great post!thmb55f57c870103e

This weekend Is a busy one for this household. Yesterday I had the AHA heart walk and am a little sore from it today and later this afternoon we have the 100th year celebration for the¬†hospital I work for! It will be fun but exhausting as they are going to have all kinds of kid friendly activities. They plan to have laser tag, and bounce houses so it should be a good time. Maybe…

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Bare with me as I get through these last couple of weeks in my class. It is not too terrible hard but very time consuming so it has taken me away from the blog a bit. New posts to come soon! Until then, just relax and enjoy the blog party!


  1. Link your favorite post using the inlinz form below
  2. read and comment/like at least two other blog posts
  3. remember to check back at the end of the week because we always get at least one post towards then end and I do not want anyone left out

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From Bliss to the fiery pits of hell in two seconds flat!


Kids do not come with handbooks and neither do husbands for that matter. Today was the last day of school and we decided to reward our little ducklings with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a rare treat. I worked there for four years in High School and part of college so for the most part I just can’t! Anyone who has worked there feels my pain, but anyhow I digress.

Shortly after picking up the oldest she fell asleep in the car and something just told me don’t go. If she’s tired it cannot end well. Did I listen to that nagging voice deep inside my head? Feck no I didn’t! The other voice told me just go, you will never hear the end of it if you do not take them! I realize now it was the devil talking.

By now you are probably thinking what is your point April? Well it is quite simply this. When you are a parent you can go from Bliss to the fiery pits of Hell in two seconds flat!

The evening started great and the kids were angels. They were having fun, laughing, playing and making my heart melt with all of their joy. Just as I was patting myself on the back for a good job done, I decided to take the youngest to the car while daddy helps the girls pick out their treasures. Sounds good right? Well, this is where are story starts to derail a little.

I was sitting in the car with 2yo for way too long when I suddenly see my husband come out of the restaurant with only one of our girls! What the Hell.. This is then followed by the restaurant manager who is clearly worried about something. I see the hubby say something to him and then he comes toward me in the car. I freaking out ask him where our oldest is and he says she is inside that he couldn’t deal with it and she wouldn’t come! That poor restaurant manager was freaking out thinking he was leaving her! So naturally I am pissed and storm in there when I hear a mommy ask ” Why is she crying?” Her son promptly says ” because her parents left her hear! ” What!!!! Uggh I just calmly hold her hand and march outside with all the stares from the parking lot audience!

Mortifying is the only way I can put it! I was embarrassed at my husband’s behavior, pissed at him, pissed at her¬† and well just plain pissed! We get in the car and 5yo starts screaming and these two are fighting over some damn paper 3D glasses., Seriously! The only thing to do at this point is to take the damn things away so no one has them and then 5yo starts throwing stuff in the car and refuses to put on her seat belt! Ok lord, I need your help at this point. My prayer went like this, “Dear Heavenly father, please for the love of all that is holy keep me from beating the shit out of these kids!” Oh and the husband too, please save him from me because I am having thoughts in my mind that I should not he having. Thank you and Amen!

Every moment is fleeting and it can change in an instant. happiness can turn to sadness and the reverse. Tonight as I sit here with dark circles under my eyes from exhaustion and a heavy heart from feeling( just for a split second) that I wish my life were different, and a soon to be empty bottle of wine, I will try to remember that this is not a bad life, it’s just one hell of a bad day!

Cheers to tomorrow being another Day!

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Car rider confessions

I don’t know about you, but getting three kids awake, dressed, fed and out the door to be on time for school is a little more than challenging. One would think that once you are in the car then all is well! Uggh well not in this house.

I have to get 2yo in the car first. Him and all of his stuff. that equates to two mickies¬†and one blanket! But not just any blanket, the blanket! It’s his crib blanket that he has grown quite attached to! This kid couldn’t just pick a nice small baby blanket could he? No, he had to pick the biggest must fluffiest blanket to carry and I have to figure out some way to wrap my arms around his blanket all those damn mickey mouse toys¬†as well as him, to carry him to the car all without dropping him.

Next is 7yo, she is older and  a little easier to handle. so we just walk to the car together. I like that, ease peasy as she would say.

Next is 5yo who happens to also be the most stubborn child on the planet. I must wait patiently for her to pick which toys to take to preschool and load them into her backpack. Never mind that I have already put it in the car, I must go back and get it out of the car and bring it back to the house or we will have a category meltdown, and in those still famous words ain’t nobody got time for that! So next we brush hair and go to the car,¬† get her buckled and oh yes, we need to potty now and hell hath no fury like a child who needs to potty! so back in the house we go!

Finally we are done, and back into the car! Just as I am pulling out of the drive way 5yo begins to cry because she wants a blanket, because she is cold. Why you ask? Because she refuses to wear any damn pants to cover her legs. You think I’m kidding, she only wears dresses and skirts and refuses to wear socks. Oy this kid is stubborn.

Okay so now that I have one crying kid, 7yo decides to ask me about her fundraiser packet! Thanks public school for that one, and since we do not participate in those I told her we did not put in her backpack. you would thin I had told her the dog dies because that child began to cry like there was no tomorrow. she’s a bit sensitive this one. I refer to it as in tuned with her emotions. anyhoo, all I kept hearing between sobbing mumbles was that she was going to be the only kid who doesn’t get a prize! Well, shit I will take you to the dollar store geez!

Next it’s 2yo who decides to start wailing that his eyes hurt! eyes¬†hurt momma, eyes hurt!¬† I had to take off my sunglasses to hand over so he would stop, or so I thought!¬† Here I am, can’t see and that kid starts wailing again, His stupid blanket fell to the ground, so blindly I try to find it while driving, and can’t see because he has my sunglasses. don’t you want to be on the road with me now! I find the blanket and then Mickey #1 falls and crying begins again.

That’s it I resign and let him continue to cry. Once all three kids are dropped off, all I peaceful again. Whew! I’m exhausted before the day has even began and now I need some coffee! Starbucks here I come!¬† Am I the only one? Please tell me your car rider stories before I feel like a complete failure as a parent lol!

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Every Day mom Link-up Party 2-12-15

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It’s Thursday which means it’s time to start sharing our every day mom moments! We are not super moms because we do what we do every day! Add your link to the link up and then begin reading some of the other fantastic posts! Comment on at least two other blogs! It’s just that simple! Also if you like the feature then follow your host to ensure you do not miss a week! Okay so let’s get started!

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New Badge reveal!

Okay per your request, here is the new badge for the link-up! I was hoping to make a few different designs and have you vote on your favorite but my computer is wonky and my patience is gone! Pic monkey and canva has frozen up on me one too many times lol! Here is your badge for anyone who wants to display it on your side bar or post! Can’t wait to see you all at the blog hop tomorrow Last week was a blast! Thanks again to all who participated!

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Monday Blog Picks : Featured from Every Day Mom Link-up

A Huge Thank you to everyone who participated in the Every Day mom Link up! Please note: Every Day dads are allowed to link up as well!  The turnout was awesome and I noticed some cool connections happening which is what the link up is all about! Now, I must say after reading all of the fantastic posts I began  kicking myself for saying I would pick my favorites! How the hell am I supposed to do that? They are all my favorites but will bite bullet and highlight a few as promised. Please note I have also tweeted all the posts on the link up to my followers on twitter so I hope that helps give some more traffic as well!

Okay, I will stop stalling: Here are some featured Every Day mom posts in no particular order:

  1. Kimmie’s post on what a special needs meltdown looks like left me wanting to learn more. If you have a special needs child then I am sure you can relate and I am sharing this one with my bestie whose son has recently been diagnosed with¬†defiant disorder among others so¬†she can definitely relate to this one! check it out here!
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed heather’s post on becoming a super hero to her three boys! With three boys on three boys on the loose one would have to be a super hero from time to time! Check out her post here!
  3. Over at Tiny Expats,  she describes  beautifully what it means to be an everyday mom! Check out her post and you will be glad you did! Click here!
  4. The other April in the blogging world gives us a great post titled What did I expect this to look like! One that we can all relate to! Check it out!
  5. Last but not least Autumn gives us a look at mom judging! We seriously need to stop doing that and her words are wonderfully written on the subject! Here you go!

Okay so I chose five to feature! My blog and my rules, I just could not pick one or two as they were all so good! Check out the other posts not listed as they were all awesome and making me sweating like a pig trying to pick jus ta handful to highlight!

The Blog Hop was a great success and will continue weekly beginning on Thursdays at 8am and run until Sunday morning at 8am to allow any working moms time to join on the weekends!¬† This week I will begin to create a few badges to display since the only one I have right now says est. 2007!¬† I know 2007 was a busy year but I don’t think all of us were making babies in that year, so we will get a badge for everyone to use ūüėČ