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Every Day Mom Link up 11-22

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Today we celebrated the oldest turning 8, so this one will be short and sweet!

  1. Add your favorite post from the week to the inlinz  form at the bottom of this post.
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I will post a longer post soon, but we have had an exhausting weekend of preparing for and now cleaning up a little girl birthday party!

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Every Day Mom Link up 11/15/2015

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Our weekend has been busy with cleaning, birthday parties and family time. Yesterday I enjoyed spending time with the kids and today as I look at the mess that encompasses the house that I spend 8 hours to clean yesterday, I am ready to put some kids into time out! Motherhood is a roller coaster like that I guess. Oh well, I got a few minutes of nice cleanliness bliss.

We had several great posts last week so I am going to do my best to pick some favorites to highlight some of my favorites. First we had a proud mom post from A momma’s view. She highlighted all the right reasons to be proud of your kids and it just really resonated with me. I am not the mom who puts pictures of my kids report cards on Facebook ( there is no judgment here if you do, it’s just not my thing). I find being proud of your children’s bravery, courage and perseverance against all obstacles helps build character and shape kids into well-adjusted, loving and kind adults. You can find her post here.

Ashley at Backroads and Baby steps gave us a great post on her perfect day. She has some really great pictures in her post too, so take a look here and read about her perfect day with her sweet kids.

Now on to this weeks link up:

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That’s all there is to it! Enjoy this weeks link up and see you soon!

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Quick update…


Good morning! This is my view this weekend so I just wanted to update yo all that the link up will he posted this evening! The hubby and I enjoyed a nice weekend on the beach together without kids!! Yes, there will he a post on our weekend to come! Enjoy your Sunday morning and I will be back with the link up this evening 🙂

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Every Day mom link up 10-25-15

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I can’t believe this is the last link up of October! Where has the year gone? Oh well, another week, another link up!

Add your post and hang out for some blog hopping fun! I am sure we are going to have some great fall and Halloween posts this week! Especially with Halloween around the corner. I will be adding my link to our day at the farm! Hope to see you joining us this week. Remember dads can join too, I just happen to be a mom, so you know the title has mom in it!  I hope everyone has a great week and look forward to your posts!

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To post pictures of the kids or to not post pictures? A blogging mom delimma!

I have been sitting here typing away for a blog post on taking the kids to the farm. The post is mostly done but for some reason I can’t hit publish. I am torn between whether or not to continue posting pictures of my kids in my blog posts. The world is a scary place and I honestly do not know what to do here. When I started blogging I really didn’t think about how posting pictures of my kids would affect them, but now with the oldest and her recent issues, I am not so sure it is the right thing,

I think about the possible public humiliation or embarrassment. My kids do not know that I write about them. It is not necessarily a secret that I have kept or anything, I just blog when the kids are asleep so they never see it. Could someone steal my pictures? I a sure they could, so that is scary in itself. Could someone figure out who they are and target them somehow?

I am semi anonymous in my profile. My last name is not located anywhere on my blog, however my family and friends know that I blog. How do you protect your kids privacy but still be able to write like you need to? I need writing like I need air to breathe and the community at WordPress has been nothing short of amazing!

On the one hand I wonder if it is truly a big deal and on the other I feel like I am hesitant for a reason. How do manage your parenting blog? Do you worry about any pictures you post or do you never post pictures of your kids? I need your advice and thoughts here. Am I just being overprotective and worrying for no reason?

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Every Day Mom 10-18-15

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We spent today at a local farm enjoying the fall festivities. It was a great day! The 7yo even seemed to be having a genuinely good time which is not always the case as of late. Seeing her warm beautiful smile, made me feel good!

My mom has been having some severe depression so any prayers you can send our way are greatly appreciated!

Now, on to the link up!

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  3. Remember to check back at the end of the week, because I am always having a blogger linking up at the end.

Now, go ahead and add your link, as for me, well I am going to sleep! I am one tired momma!

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Every Day Mom Link 9-27-15

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It’s time to share your favorite posts again! We had some fun posts last week and they all brightened my day in one way or another. This week has been an emotional one in this house as we gained some insight into our 7yo behavior. You can read about it here.

thmb560074b36b9ffWe had a newbie to out link up last week and I loved her sweet post about her two sons. attempting to get alone time did not  work out as planned and hey when does it, but her perspective put a smile on my face. Click the image to read Katrina’s post 😉

You should also follow her blog as her story is simply amazing and I found her to be inspiring!


Now on to the rules of the link up:

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That’s it, see it’s not too terrible as far as rules go is it 😉